Super Street Fighter 4This week's Reviews Spotlight combines Street Fighter's over-the-top appeal with Sam Fisher's "hobo look" and adds a dash of Zeno Clash's creepiness. The result is astounding. Check it out:

A Super Review
By Tyrell Stewart
In the world of video games, a hierarchy of superlatives exists. From hyper to über to ultra, these words all fall into a natural sequence. But the word super seems to dominate them all in its awesomeness. Does Super Street Fighter 4 live up to the expectations set by its title? Tyrell fills us in.

You're Doing It Wrong (Splinter Cell: Conviction Review)
By Carlos Macias
It's Take Your Daughter to Work Day at Third Echelon, and since the disappearance of his only child, Sam Fisher is unfortunately excluded from the festivities. So after shedding what Carlos calls the "hobo look," Sam arms himself with new weapons and a new objective: the discovery and protection of Sarah Fisher. Is this father-daughter adventure worth the retail price?


Super Street Fighter 4 Review: A Fresh Injection of Fun
By Zach Drapala
If Tyrell's review didn't do the trick, Zach scrutinizes the differences between SF4 and SSF4 for you. Does the extra "S" justify the $40 price? Considering the new characters, moves, and specials, the newest incarnation of the World Warriors may be worth a look.

Zeno ClashZeno Clash: Ultimate Edition Review (Xbox 360)
By Omri Kalmi
Zeno Clash has, unfortunately, gone widely unnoticed by its target audience. As a member of that inattentive audience, I'm prepared to admit it: Zeno Clash looks damn cool. Omri describes the title as "creepy" and "bizarre." Coincidentally, women use those two words to describe me! If you're the socially awkward type, Omri's article will definitely interest you.

PixelJumpers: Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition Review
By Oren Giladi
Following in Omri's footfalls, Oren describes Zeno Clash's in-game environment as "weird." But before anyone calls him unoriginal, this reviewer decides to assess the game by an entirely new, creative angle. Without an inspired narrative, Zeno Clash depends upon its artistic visual style. Is this Xbox Live Arcade title capable of drawing you into its peculiar dreamworld?

Mass Effect 2: Transcending What I Thought I Knew
By Thilina Bandara
This Bitmobber is a little late to the Mass Effect 2 party. Luckily, he brought snacks with him, snacks in the form of perceptive analysis. Thilina eschews rudimentary measurements of quality like graphics, sound, and story in favor of a more subtle approach. What does it feel like to play Mass Effect 2? Click the link to find out, but don't blame me if you suddenly feel icky and weird with sentiment.