Google Buzz, the company’s social networking tool for sharing updates and content with your friends, is opening its data to outside developers today with a new application programming interface (API).

A couple of launch partners are demonstrating their Buzz integration on-stage today at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco. Users of Seesmic, an application for managing multiple social networking services, will now be able to manage their Buzz accounts on the Seesmic apps for the web, computer desktop, and Android phones. Also, business social networking tool Socialwok now allows users to read posts from and push updates to Buzz from within the Socialwok app.

Other launch partners include Boxee, Buzzzy, JanRain RPX, Klout, Marginize, Meebo,, Plancast, Shareaholic, and Tweetdeck. You can read descriptions here.

A lot of Gmail users have complained about Buzz from a privacy perspective, because it brought a public sharing application into email, an area we’re used to thinking of as private. By sharing data through an API, Google risks spurring even more privacy complaints, but it says applications will have to ask users for permission to access their data, and that permission can be disabled at any time.

The announcement came right after Google also opened up its location-based service Latitude with an API.