Last week, Bitmobbers and 1uppers celebrated Field Week. There was games, prizes, and good times for all. Everyday I asked the Bitmob community a question, and they would respond on Twitter. I have collected the responses from the whole week, and made this Bitmobbers on Twitter: Field Week Recap. Each page has a different day's answers, so let's get started!

And if you are interested in seeing who the second winner is then just jump to the bottom of the last page!


Bitmobbers on Twitter Day One

What are some original ideas for a franchise spin-off? 

@MHMason – M.H. Mason

-Imagine: Imagine Developer


@brianesu – Brian Shirk

-Braid 3D

-Sonic the Hedgehog: Eggman’s Space Quest

-Dissidia Final Fantasy: Extreme Makeover

-Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon: Cockfighting Extravaganza


@fietclub – Daniel Feit

-Tony Hawk Ride the Snake, a harrowing Crystal Meth simulator

-Sneak King-dom Hearts


@videosta – Frank Anderson

-Petz: Sea Monkeys 

-God of War 16: Still Pissed and Slayin' 

-Wii Play: Butt-Wiiper– Glory Goes to he with the Fastest Wipe! 

-The Sims: Big Love Edition- Polygamy Fun 

-Call of Duty: Ask Don't Tell 

-Twilight: The Video Game— or Looking Sullen with Edward Cullen 

-Cooking Mama: China Edition– Dogs, Cats and Whale Penis, Oh My! 

-Harvest Moon: Hydroponic Marijuana Growin' Fun

-Warioware: Wii Shovelware Simulator 

-Leisure Suit Larry: You Bought This When You Could Have Just Looked At Porn For Free On The Internetz?: Edition

-Heavy Rain 2: Chocolate Rain

-Heavy Rain 4: Acid Rain

-You're Not In The Movies: A Binge Drinking, Coke Snorting Adventure Starring Lindsay Lohan. 

-Biggest Looser: Unscrewed!

-SWAT: Arizona Edition- "May I See Your Papers

-Tony Hawk Ride 2- because the idea that they are making a second Ride is friggin hilarious!

-Dead Body Jenga. 

-Grand Theft Auto V: Tucson Ruckus.

-Pokemon: Puke Green or Doo-Doo Brown… Because we know you will buy it no matter WHAT we call it! 


@cojirro – Travis McReynolds

-Heavy Rain 3: Purple Rain

-Guitar Hero: Kidz Bop

-Lego Bioshock

-Wii Music 2: Will Anyone Buy This? 

-Halo: Reach- Just Jetpacks Edition 

-Some Monkey Island bullshit. People still play that, right? 

-Litte Big Planet 2 PSP. Oh wait, I've already said too much.

-Fuzion Frenzy 3. Natal is, of course, required. 

-Final Fantasy XIII: Arcade Edition. Now with time attack mode. 


@mi_wuz_here – Jeffrey Sandlin

-God of War: Hardcore Chainsaw Volleyball. Roid freaks in speedos! Murder and sideball!

-Batgirl: Arkham Asylum


@proper_kill – Jazz English

-Phat Princess: Rap Queens Love Cake too

-the Artist Formerly known as Prince of Persia

-The Official Doom Clone 

-Left 4 Bread 2: a Whole other loaf of Horror

-Left 4 Bread: Bake Shop of Horror 

-My Petz Mercy Killing: This Puppy Needs a Special Shot 

-Cabela's Boring Redneck Simulator 

-Little Big Planet 2 DLC: Premade Penis Levels. Cause you where gona make 'em your selves anyway! 

-Need for Speed: Soccer Mom in a Hurry 

-Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: College of Killers

-Grand Theft Auto: Pee in Cup Drug Test attatchment

-Dog Fighting: Heart Gold and Soul Silver 

-Halo Reach: More Aliens, Space Men, and Future Weapons. 

-Build a Pedo-Bear Work Shop for Nintendo DS

-Barbie Pony Adventure: Escape from Glue Factory 

-Final Fantasy XIII: The First RPG on Rails!

-Epic Mickey: Leather, Whips, and Full Anal Penetration 

-DJ Hero: ICP. Comes with Faygo! 

-Iron Man 2 the game: … this game kinda makes fun of itself. 

-DS Friendly Novels: For the Gamer that doesn't want to appear to like those book things 

-Infinity Ward Management System: Technically… you can sue someone for any stupid fucking reason! 

-Infinity Ward Management System: Fire 'em All!

-Madden 2011: Locke Room Shenanigans Date Simulator 

-Professor Layton and the Recurring Puzzle


@lukeisamazing – Luke Waters

-Killzone 3: I mean, we’re trying here.


@andrewjhiscock – Andrew Hiscock


-Wii Now This is Music 

-Mario Paint: Bob Ross 

-Build a Bear Work Shop Freddie Mercury Edition for Nintendo DS

-Super Mario Batali — Turtle and mushroom soup, anyone?

-Assassin's Creed of Rage — Pretty much the same, but 2D ala Streets of Rage 

-King's Quest: I am the King — Adventure game in a first person perspective. Actually, would be totally awesome!

-Burnout Paradise Paradise: What happens after you've wrecked your car 

-Portal 2 Legit 2 Quit. The player would create portals in MC Hammer videos to create awesome, but not-so-clever puzzles. 

-Team Fortress 2 Tennis Superstars — pretty self explanatory. 

-The Trials HD — A darker spin off of Trials HD, maneuver your way around nonsensical legal logic with precision 

-BioShocker — Two in the pink, one in a fallen underwater utopia


@TobyDavis_  – Toby Davis

-When Trains run all over the Civilizations

-Super Street Fighter Midget Tossing Alpha

-Barbie's Bad Company


@MarkWhitney – Mark Whitney

-Wii Music 2: NWA Beats up The Block 

-Mario Paint: This Old House edition 

-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — The OJ Trials.

-Trauma Center: Kevorkian's Last Stand 

-Guitar Hero: Simon and Garfunkel

-Mario's Interactive Rape Adventure 

-Perez of War: CockPuncher Edition – Now with Sony Move Controls! 

-"Cooking Mama and Friends Vs. Capcom"

-"Luigi's Missing!: The Nobody Cares Edition"

-"God of Wargames: Starring Matthew Broderick as Kratos" 

-"Dante's Infernal Screamoff". Who can yell "Beatrice!!!" the loudest? 


@Crys383 – Tom Heistuman


-"Call of Duty: Anglo-Zanzibar War" Now with a longer campaign than MW2! 

-"Nier 2: This Book's Got Balls" 

-"Kid Icarus 2: Pit of Despair" 


@Giggysan – Matt Giguere

-Wii Fit: Kama Sutra 

-Dung Beetle Jim 

-Rare presents – Collect-a-thon! featuring Banjo-Kazooie

-Orson Scott Card's Homophobic Complex 


@acronkyoung – Alex R. Cronk-Young


-Personal Trainer: Fucking

-NFL Assistant Coach 

-Let's Tap That Big Fat Man's Ass 

-Personal Trainer: Pooping. 

-Bully 2: Jimmy Goes to Columbine 

-Conker's Wet Dream 

-Bubsy 3D (Like real 3D this time, not game world 3D) — Bubsy is now voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait!

-Gex: Twilight Gecko — Now voiced by Scott Stapp or Creed fame! 

-Final Fantasy: Extreme Beach Volleyball.


 @gerrenlaquint – Gerren Fisher

-Resident Evil RCU: Nightmare in the Dormroom (A freshman year life/dating sim) 

-Final Fantasy the 13th: Jason vs. Hope 

-NintenDoggs: Gin & Juice Edition 

-Redhead Dedemption: Carrot Top Strikes Back

-Blitz 2011: The Longest Yard featuring Plaxico Burress

-Capcom vs. Warner Bros: Try To Take Over The World 

-Madden 1949: What the Heck is a Forward Pass


@chase_koeneke – Chase Koeneke

-Grand Theft Auto: Salt Lake City 

-Lego Metal Gear Solid: Brick Eater 

-Final Fantasy: Tactics of the Crystal Chronicles, Crystal Bearers Agito: Revenant Wings…Online

-Lipz: Nolan North Edition (featuring Nolan North as the voice of Nolan North) 

-Guitar Hero: Rick Astley

-Borderlands 2: Electric Boogaloo

-Link's Fetch Quest Training


@juanchitomayor – Juan Letona

-Dead or Alive Inferno 

-Skate 2033 

-FIFA World Cup 2010 Hotel Booking Manager


@The_Lancer – Lance Darnell

-Professor Layton 3: Solid Snake takes the Case!

-Mario Plumbing!!!! 

-Shadow of the Colossus: Pet Horse!!! 

-Animal Crossing Taxidermy 

-Dead or Alive: Stack 'em Orgy Party Strategy Game – Watch out Tetris!!! 


@surielvazquez – Suriel Vazquez

-Passage: Midlife Crisis – the old hero has a grudge against aging, and in this FPS, you must destroy time by shooting it in the face. 


@V_Ben – Ben M.J.

-Rock Band: Gogol Bordello 

-Rock Band: Beirut 

-God Of Warhammer

-Buzz: The Alzheimers Quiz 

-You're In The Movies: Porn

-Call of Duty: Job Hunter 


@j_cosmo_cohen – Chris "Cosmo" Ross

-Uncharted 4: A Man's Mind – Deserted wasteland followed by 24 hours of Die Hard.

-Uncharted 3: A Woman's Mind – It's just an instant game over, then 24 hours of Oprah. 

-The Legend of Zelda: Link's Realization – "Zelda ain't even pretty!" 

-Halo: Handy Man – Master Chief is retired and must figure the square footage of Lorne Lanning's house before he can lay the carpet. 

-StarCraft: Mrs. Knoff the Horrible – It's first grade, your daily craft is to make the constellations with cardboard, sand, and jello.


@ADewiM – Alex Martin

-Half Life: Full Life Consequences the Game. Sonic and Mario at the Olympics (oh, wait. That happened?) 

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Bitmobbers on Twitter Day Two

What movie would you want to be turned into a game, and what genre would it be?

@keithOhard – Keith Ohard

-Fight Club- A first person beat em up like zeno clash and mirrors edge with the twist being revealed like Bioshock

-District B13 -FPS with Mirrors edge free running, an open world ala Spiderman/GTA, w multiplayersimiliar to Uncharted 2.


@chase_koeneke – Chase Koeneke

-Taxi Driver- Crazy Taxi with less product placement and more killing. 

-Citizen Kane- according to ABC News, it'll play exactly like Metroid Prime.

-The Birds- Duck Hunt, except you always lose. And no dog. 

-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: The Game- Batman: Arkaham Asylum with a large Native American co-op partner.

-Osmosis Jones- First person Dr. Mario with rail shooter elements. Even I have no idea how it would work.

-Gandhi: Reloaded- Realizing that pacifism is getting him nowhere, Gandhi takes the law into his own hands. Think MGS3…with Gandhi. 


@giggysan – Matt Giguere

-Trainspotting – The interactive heroine adventure game only on Nintendo Wii 

-Babies – grow a baby in a tank and train it like Seaman


@cojirro – Travis McReynolds

-Star Wars: A New Hope RPG. You've already got a cast of characters that are met throughout the adventure, just add menus and levels.


@the_Lancer – Lance Darnell

-HBO's Rome done in a GTA Style with Total War RTS Battles and Mass Effect style dialogue and intrigue. Oh, and gladiator fights!

-The Terminator – First Person Shooter with the visor elements of Metroid Prime, the open world ofGTA4 and the atmosphere of Riddick. 

-300 – Tower Defense Game 

-Full Metal Jacket the Game -You fold laundry and make beds and are rewarded for having the fastest time by having your head blown off. 

@Mi-Wuz_here – Jeffrey Sandlin

-Baby Geniuses- a new game in the Manhunt series where you brutally massacre the creators of the movie series 'Baby Geniuses' 

-Ghost in the shell: Urban combat with super cyborgs in a Halo style FPS. Have the multiplayer involve deception and brain hacking. 

@juanchitomayor – Juan Letona

-Boys from Brazil Heavy Rain detective mystery. Moral choice of killing each of the grown clones of Hitler.

-The Pianist Third person stealth action game. Survive the Nazis, the Russians and a secret level of avoiding extradition to the US.

-Machete third person side scroller six player co-op. Game ends if you die or deported. 

-Apocalypse Now 3rd person RPG shooter hybrid, with surfing side missions. 

-Fargo RPG, eh!? 

-Terminator Third person shooter all game play experience is through the point of view of the Terminator with a Fallout 3 dialogue tree 

@MarkWhitney – Mark Whitney

-Inglourious Basterds: The Video Game. Play as the Bear Jew and crack some skulls in this third-person beat 'em up. 

-Footloose: Dance Dance Revolution starring Kevin Bacon and his tight jeans (Rated M for Mature) 

-Lost: The Video Game. It's like Farcry, but nothing ever happens and you don't really understand any of the plot points. 

-Superman: The Video Game ….just make it not suck.

-Law and Order: The Game — Phoenix Wright meets GTA, voices by Ice-T and Jeff Goldblum

-Sex And the City: Final Fight clone starring old, horny whores. Medkits are shaped like Cosmopolitans and Appletinis

@AbKi – Rachel Noy

-Home Alone: Like a Mouse Trap Online with nailguns and a Christmassy chip tune. 


@sm4kxd – Jon Shults

-American History X: It's just Gears of War without any weapons. ESRB won't allow the shower scene (thank god).


@V_Ben – Ben M.J.

-Crank: The Beat-Em-Up 

-Anchorman: The Adventure Game 

-Young Frankenstein Sim Game 

-The Iron Giant Action Adventure (SOTC Style) 

-(I'm Going To Hell For This One) Juno Rapelay

-Back To The Future Strip Poker 

-Borat Date Sim

-Army Of Darkness: The Video Game (Dev: Double Fine)

-Monty Python's Meaning Of Life – Done In The Style Of Warioware

-Be Kind Rewind: The Rhythm Action Game 

-The Naked Gun: The Adventure Game 

@MHMason – M.H. Mason

-Into the Wild: Open-world beard-growing vagrant simulator.


@videosta – Frank Anderson

-Brazil- Interactive Fiction like Heavy Rain- Tag line: Try all you can, you cannot escape this city. 

-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- Red Dead Redemption slowed down with a ton more story.

-The Human Centipede- A take on Trauma Center in which you are causing the trauma! 

-Willow- Hack and Slash adventure using the Dragon Age Origins engine. 

-The Goonies- Point-and-click adventure using the Sam and Max engine. Title- A Chunk of Destiny! 


@nickmichetti – Nick Michetti

-The Rock – A Metal Gear-style stealth/action with 3rd person squad shooter (Gears/UC2) control support and COD:MW style. 


@crys383 – Tom Heistuman

-The Transporter – mix Burnout: Paradise with Batman: Arkham Asylum and you have drive-y/punch-ygoodness. 

-La Femme Nikita – take GTA4's mission structure with Assassin's Creed/Hitman's world design. 

-In The Mood For Love – a japanese love sim (but with girl, not 5) with Hotel Dusk's investigation to prove your wife is cheating. 

-District B13 – Mirror's Edge parkour and martial arts kickassery? It writes itself! 


Bitmobbers on Twitter Day Three

What would you find in the facial hair of the Bitmob Beard Club?


@the_Lancer – Lance Darnell


-Ponce de Leon's "Fountain of Youth" was found in Jeff Grubb's beard. 

-The long awaited sequel to Kid Icarus is in Alex R. Cronk-Young's beard. 

-The entire cast of Taxi. 


@KeithOhard – Keith Ohard

-Duke Nukem Forever

-A good video game movie 

-osama bin laden's hiding place


@juanchitomayor – Juan Letona

-Todd Zuniga's money hat 

-The plot of Metal Gear Solid 4. 


@sm4kxd – Jon Shults

-I found my TV Remote in mine once. True story.

-Another fist. 


@acronkyoung – Alex R. Cronk-Young

-Each Beard Club member actually lives inside the beard of the member slightly taller than him. It's like those Russian toys. 


-A change of clothing for my kid. A good parent is always prepared. 


@chase_koeneke – Chase Koeneke

-Bitmob 2.0 


@V_Ben – Ben M.J.

-A memory card slot 

-Another fist 

-A small, Caribbean dwarf 

-The Secret To Everlasting Life 



@videosta – Frank Anderson

-Broken game controllers and strategy guides

-Bug, Thugs and Persian Rugs… 

-Pens and week-old underwear. 


@andrewjhiscock – Andrew Hiscock

-Not the princess. She's in another beard

-My Face (I should note, I am part of the beard club)


@Crys383 – Tom Heistuman

-$4 billion, equally distributed, from funds that went missing in Iraq 

-Spare A/V and power cables for the myriad of retro game systems they carry with them at all times


@giggysan – Matt Giguere

-The secret location of the Island 

-Hey! I found Waldo! 

-Every missing sock that went through a dryer


@MHMason – M.H. Mason

-You will find real, miniature games journalists whispering what to write/say from their luscious beards.


@feitclub – Daniel Feit



@tobydavis_ – Toby Davis

-I would say you would find all the cast members of Lost. 


Bitmobbers on Twitter Day Four

What complaints do you have about video games, the industry, or really anything in general?

@feitclub – Daniel Feit

-Complaint Dept, eh? It's 2010, where's my damn flying car?


@videosta – Frank Anderson

-I hate jaggies, bad save formats, non-cared for stories, enviroments that are not purposefully claustrophobic but are!

-I hate restrictive inventory systems.

-That developers don't own more of the IPs they create. 

-The fact that every gamer didn't go buy a copy of Deadly Premonition to show support for the idea of $20 good B level games.

-That I can't buy more good N64 games on the Virtual Console, and the basic inattentativenessNintendo is showing that space lately. 

-That there aren't more great platformers and flying games being developed now. 

-Loading/installation times. 

-The process of getting games to work on a PC.

-When a game is loose in the box when I buy it new.

-The e in LA Noire! 

-The lack of minority and disabled characters in games. 

-Journalists quoting Michael Pachter! That guy has no credibility and is the lowest common denominator for sound bites! 

-How developers and publishers flock to whatever is hot. Social gaming is cool, but not they whole future. Calm down people! 

-The rising cost of Arcade titles. Just because some titles (like Shadow Complex) are worth more money, that doesn't mean all are! 

-People saying words like "noob" and "pawn" in un-ironic ways. 

-Multiplayer games not offering bots so you can learn the levels without getting thrown to the wolves!

-Games that give everything they have to offer in the first hours and never add depth or strategy. 

-A story you worked hard writing getting 200 hits and one you wrote in 10 minutes getting 3000! What is up with that! 

-I can't stand positive previews for a game we all know will suck and then it comes out and sucks- think Iron Man 2 and Legendary! 

-I am sick of feeling like I have to play every game and spending way too much on games! 

-I am sick of gamers who don't want the hobby to be mass market and try to make gaming one big nerdy click. 

-I'm sick of shooters that don't act like we currently have troops in danger and make war seem hellacool. People die in real war!

-I am tired of Wii games not offering the Classic Controller as an option! 

-I am really over developers bashing gamers for trading games but not having the balls to take on publishers for the bs they pull!

-I am over games getting mocked for getting scores in the 7s. I seven is a good score, not an average one! 

-B level games that think they are worth $60. Singularity and Wolfenstein- I am looking at YOU! 

-I am tired of developers not trying harder to make gaming inviting for women. Seriously- if you build it they will come! 

-I am sick of Lugubrious G posting on my story and saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over! 

-Game coverage by the media that gives away too many key points. You guys need stories, but please leave some of the cool stuff out! 

-Neogaf! I refuse to go there because it is a pit of negativity– he says in a decidedly negative tone.

-Every video game system not working with MP3 players and allowing custom tracks for every game! 

-Publishers buying good developers and IP and then killing them!

-That people make me feel ebarassed for liking kids games. Kameo? Me likey! Toy Story 3? Please! 


@surielvazquez – Suriel Vazquez

-When some on a podcast says "I'm not sure I agree" instead of "I disagree". You're not wrong for not sharing popular opinions. 

-Inverted controls on anything 

-Neogaf's bloated influence over the game industry. 


@NerdyxTimx – Tim King

-Characters that can't swim even though half the map is water. water death is lame. 

-When RPGs give me different armor/accessories/weapons and they don't physically change on my character. 

-Lack of Button mapping in a game. 

-DLC released the same day as the game.


@KeithOhard – Keith Ohard

-Gamestop's used game policy. 'nuff said

-unskippable cutscenes

-when games with cliff hangers never get proper sequels


@cambot3000 – Cameron Pershall

-Nobody has ported Gondomania to a modern console with dual-stick shooter controls. 

-Indie devs who obsessively search for their name on Twitter, and get pissy with anyone who has criticized them. 

-After 3 years, I still can't play songs by The Cure or The Smiths in Rock Band.


@brianesu – Brian Shirk

-When critics review a game without having played it or make erroneous claims that aren't true for the final build (ex: Lost Odyssey). 

-Grammarians and other elitists who think they're too good for anyone else. 

-Immature game journalists who make themselves known through excessive snark and by putting other people down. 


@TobyDavis_ – Toby Davis

-Buying horse armor as DLC.

-That the only game Lance Darnell knows is Team fortress 2 and doesn't touch his PS3 anymore.

-When Game Makers make shitty games in stead of putting out great games ..

-When will Konami make another Goemon game for a Next Gen platfom.

-It pisses me off that some games wont hit all gaming platforms just because a developer wont try to learn it.

-People in the Industry who don't give two cents to help a fellow gamer out Pisses me Off. 


@cwhitehead – Chris Whitehead


-The infinitesimally small, west-coast-only, pessimistic, impenetrable games journalist community.


@surielvazquez – Suriel Vazquez

-Games that cannot pick a damn framerate and stick to it. 


@Mi_Wuz_Here – Jeffrey Sandlin

-In summary: Everything about games frustrates me, being in a hopeless place in life and depressed makes every hobby not good enough. 

-Online games being 'social' but you end up remaining isolated and meeting no one if you didn't bring friends into the game with you. 

-Fighting games taking a 6 year degree in combo-ology to be effective in. 

-Anyone who asks 'are you a real girl' to someone in an online game

-how about also that Microsoft requires Valve to charge for left 4 dead DLC on 360 

-the 'square tax' when DS games from popular game makers like square and nintendo cost an extra 10 to 15 dollars above normal price. 

-Sega wasting time running sonic into the ground and not making a good new Jet Set Radio 

-How impossible it is to be taken seriously when you are stating an unpopular opinion to gamers

-Rudeness being the sole currency of X box live players 

-GTA games getting perfect scores despite being frustrating, overly long messes with storylines that are up their own ass.

-Silent protagonists in game storytelling; games that have them not offering dialog choices and customization options instead.

-The fact that I'm still the only person who seems to have noticed that Batman: Arkham Asylum was a half assed game. 


@the_lancer – Lance Darnell

-Hyping a bad game up to the point that I care about it, and then ruthlessly disappointing me. 

-The fact that Valve has not updated Team Fortress 2 for the 360. 

-Let me go for neck – charging $60 to $70 for a new game. For shame! 

-Ending Microsoft support for the Xbox less then a year after the release of Halo 2. 

-quick time events 


@juanchitomayor – Juan Letona

-The lack of writing jobs! I can only work for free for so long.  



-The plot of Metal Gear Solid 4  


@jamesderosa – James DeRosa


-Never making a proper 2-D console sequel to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


@UnionMade – Matt Clark

Stupid checkpoints that are lightyears apart from each other. Makes me want set the dev on fire and have the water 20 miles away. 


@V_Ben – Ben M.J.

-F*cking Everything 

-Commercials that show people playing games

-Extended Marketing Cycles that suck all the life out of the game 

-Lack of a Jump Button

-Uncustomisable Control

-Lack of Subtitles 

-Unpausable Cutscenes


@markwhitney – Mark Whitney

-Starcraft: Ghost will NEVER come out. 

-The lack of actual Southern characters and accents — Also, all of them are named Clem or "Crazy"-something. Really? Come on.


@acronkyoung – Alex R. Cronk-Young

-No one will shut up about a stupid Kid Icarus game, WHEN WE HAVEN'T HAD A REAL STAR FOX GAME SINCE N64!

@HaroldBrunett – Harold Brunett

-Console exclusivity

-Gamers not realizing that the one console future is going to happen. 


@sm4kxd – Jon Shults

-Cutscenes that are only skippable by hitting Start and choosing "Skip Cutscene". Worse yet,unskippable cutscenes. 

-Games that say "If you quit now, all unsaved progress will be lost." When you choose to quit, the game then saves anyway. 


@Crys383 – Tom Heistuman

-Probably the biggest common problem: 12-15 year-old screamers/shit-talkers on xbox live. 


@nickmichetti – Nick Michetti

-Mega Man Legends 3 does not exist. 


@giggysan – Matt Giguere

-Stoners – why can't you guys be more sensible when you play your games online? 

-All the haters who hatemonger on the game they play just because it's cool to hate 

-DRM, why do you have to be such a bit… *Download code required for full access to this tweet*

@chase_koeneke – Chase Koeneke

-The N-Gage


@ADewiM – Alex Martin

-European developers that set all their games in America. Maybe I'd like to explore Scandinavian culture in a game.

-Lack of the Welsh football team in FIFA games, despite featuring Welsh clubs and the Millennium Stadium

-The lack of games set in Wales. I know it's reasonable, but I want to pull a drive-by in a place I recognize.

-Racists and homophobes with microphones. 

-Battlefield games that only let 4 people talk to each other at once. Especially when I'm the only one with a headset.


@michaeltorr – Michael Torr

-Tired of console warriors and journalists who don't think they have a bias. Everyone has a fucking bias.


@andrewjhiscock – Andrew Hiscock

-Unsophisticated storytelling methods and narratives. 

-Twitter and Facebook syncing

-Discussing embargoes on Podcasts by the press. PR should put NDAs on their embargoes, forchrissakes

-Invisible Walls 

-The audience. Expect for Bitmob, because… you know… I'm the community manager and all. (You guys actually are different!) 

012.jpg image by dtjaaaamjsl

-Marketing and PR, but that's for just about everything. 

Bitmobbers on Twitter Day Five

If your favorite game was made into a porno, what would it be called?

I did not include any pictures, I will let your imagination create the visuals.

@the_lancer – Lance Darnell

-Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake's Adventures

-Princess Toadstool does the Mushroom Kingdom 

-Mario and Luigi: Brokeback Toadstool 

-I apologize for this one: The Pink Box 


@KeithOhard – Keith Ohard

-Crash Bang that Coot 

-Banjo Screwy: Nuts and Bolts 

-Super Street Fucker 4


@Mi_Wuz_here – Jeffrey Sandlin

-Kate and Mary Damn Ass She. (subtitle 'holy hornybeams!' 


@SurielVazquez – Suriel Vazquez

-No More Real Whores: Desperate Snuggle

-BJ Hero. Double-dipping for this one, but still.


@Videosta – Frank Anderson

-Ghosts And Gobblin- A Spectral Tale of BJs

-Command and Conk Her. 

-The Fleshy Maw. 

-Conker's Butt Fur Day. 

-Shadow of the Collosus Shlong. 

-Mr./Mrs. Quito– it's shemale porn!

-Ass, Ass N' Creed 


@markwhitney – Mark Whitney

-God of War: Kratos's Orgy OF FURY 

-Medal of Honor: Don' Ask Don't Tell edition

-Call of Booty: Modern Analfare

-Final Fantasy LXIX: We've been making male leads look like shemales and crossdressers for years 

-Army of Two: DVDA

-Pokey-Man: Gotta $@!% 'Em All! 

-Bleats of War: When the Locust have only left one woman alive, sheep begin looking attractive

-Bi-o-shock: Ryan, Fontaine, and Lamb's Anal Adventure into Rapture. 

-Red Dead RePimption: Necrophilia in the Wild West 

-Fur Burger Time 

-Wait for it….Wait for it…. Wario's Wood


@TobyDavis_ – Toby Davis



@Juanchitomayor – Juan Letona

-Oregon Happy Trail

-Disney's BlowIt


@EvanKillham – Evan Killham

-American McGee's Phallus 

-Hole Reaver

-Wet Grind Radio

-Mario's Part: Double-Dash of Ass 

-Mario is Pissing 

-Puzzle Breast 

-Viva Pooñata

-Professor Laidtons and the Bi-Curious Village

-Assassin's Seed 

-Spy Cunter

-Odin Spear 

-Cream Fortress 

-Red Friction 

-Silent Fill 

-Clit Second 


-Cock Tower 


-Day of the Testicle 

-Beyond Wood and Evil 

-Nymphomaniac Mansion 

-Many Ass Mansion 


@ADewiM – Alex Martin

-Bonk. Dirty already.


@Cojirro – Travis McReynolds

-Fat Princess: Fistful of Cock 

-I think we can stop. Oral Cum-butt is as hyper-sexualized as a video game title is likely to get. I don't think that's a real sex act. 

-Mortal Cum-butt Am I taking this too far?

-Wait… Oral Cum-butt. 

-Pole Calibur

-Crash Bandicooter

-Lego Buttman

-A Boy and his Knob 

-Kingdom Hards: 358 1/2 Nights 

-Super Smash Bros: Bra 

-Point Skank

-Luigi's Mansion's Creepy Pedo-Basement

-Monster Hunter Bi

-Redhead Redemption 

-Left 4 Head 

-Additionally, Psychonuts or Scribblenuts? 

-Gears of Whore… I guess putting 'whore' in place of 'four' or 'war' is kind of easy. 

-Super Street Fighter Whore

-Is Dong in place of Pong too much of a stretch? That's what she said. 

-Packer Man 


-Dick Dug 

-Hairy Bubble Bobble 

-Mario Key Party 

-Halo: Combat Vulva-olved

-Lap Dance Dance Revolution 

-The Moist Orange Box 

-Heavy Petting 

-Donkey Dong Kountry

-CodNation Racers 

-World of Whorecraft

-Super Mario Sunshine (and Sunshine is a stripper) (get it?) 

-The Legend of Zelda's Libido 

-Cock Band 


@PacoDG – Masashi Murakami


-AssRaiser 2 

-The Legend of the Mystical Nipple 

-Buttsex Shut Up and Jam! 

-The Elder Sex IV: Objectionable 

-Squirtmen: I End in Your Eye 

-Tom Clancy's Gang Bang Six: Vegas 


@CasualAlcoholic – Chris Davidson

-.hack//Impotence (Part 5) 

-Red Dead Erection 


@NintendoTheory – Cody Winn

-Super Mario Bros: Wiggler Edition.


@JeffGrubb – Jeffrey Grubb


-Bone Star Heroes 


@acronkyoung – Alex R. Cronk-Young

-Jack it and Wank (Ratchet and Crank) 


-Star Fox 69 (Except it's a foxy lady from the stars. A sexy space lady.) 

-South Park 69, Superman 69, Quest 69. Pretty much just change any 64 game to a 69. 


@V_Ben – Ben M.J.

-Super Hornio Bros. 

-Soul Raper 

-Heavy Rain

-God of Whore 

-Cock Band 

-Halo 3: STD 


@perrypiekarski – Perry Piekarski

-SSEX (Snowboarding)

-Ninja Hymen

-Dues Sex


@andrewjhiscock – Andrew Hiscock

-Red Friction Gorilla (note, not guerrilla. Very risque) 

-Rugburn Paradise 

-Rainbow Sex Vegas (the gayest of all pornography) 

-Viva Pokinatya

-GRAB – Ghost Rectum Advanced Boner (stupid but it made me laugh) 

-Super Street Hooker 4 

-Ass-assin's Pee 

-Pullout 3

-Super Monkey Ball…wait a minute 

-Prince of Pussy 

-Halo: Reach Around 


-Team Whore-Dress 2

-Endless Motion of the Ocean 

-Endless Motion of the Ocean: Blue Balls

-Asshole de Amigo 

-Boner Trigger 

-Guitar Hero: Groupies 

-GoldenShower 007 

@chase_koeneke – Chase Koeneke

-Gears of Whore 

-Dead or Alive: Paradise 


-Every Extend Extra (some don't even require changing) 

@MHMason – M.H. Mason

-The Elder Scrolls: Ye Olde Pin-ups 

-Wii Play: Dutch Rudder Edition 

@Giggysan – Matt Giguere

-Ass2Assin's Creed

-Mass Erect2: Big Volus Goes Down on the Galaxy starring Slow Rise the Elcor

-Half-butt naked 

-Wii Sports: Water Sports 

@SurielVazquez – Suriel Vazquez

-Red Rocket Knight 

-Crush Video Princess 


-Head Rising 

-Heavy Golden Rain

@sm4kxd – Jon Shults

-Donkey Dong 

-RockBand : Backstage Uncensored 


@TobyDavis_ – Toby Davis

-My Sims Hookers


@NerdyxTimx – Tim King

-Super Bang Bros Melee.


The end. If you have read this far you are one sick human being and need help!

I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who took part in this, and I hope to see everyone next year for the next Bitmob Field Week!

The final winner of the Bitmobbers on Twitter Event is Chase Koeneke. Congrats, Chase!