When caring for your henchmen, be sure to provide an ample supply of weapons and ammunition for morale and entertainment.

Video Blips:

Kane & Lynch 2's multiplayer inserts an undercover cop into a gaggle of criminals. Cop or not, taking orders from an unenthusiastic, disembodied voice would make anyone trigger happy. [Destructoid]

Continue after the break for the hack-and-slash Knights Contract, the full trailer for Persona 3 Portable, and some apparitional antics from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


• Combine the unbridled chaos from God of War, the dazzling colors of Bayonetta, and the demonic influence of Devil May Cry to get Knights Contract. These monstrous hordes seem to be held together by glue; that would explain the white substance that paints the scenery from defeated enemies…right? [YouTube]

• High school drama by day, supernatural action by night, Persona 3 Portable has all the bases covered. I can just imagine the excuses at class: "Sorry, teacher, I couldn't get my homework done due to my obligation to stop the tides of darkness."

• Manipulate objects and attempt to catch the attention of The Most Oblivious Girl Ever in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. If I died in such an uncompromising position (~0:13), I would be one wrathful ghost. [YouTube]