Sony’s next major exclusive title for the PlayStation 3 is going to be Killzone 3. And word has arrived that this title is going to support 3D viewing on the latest flat-panel TVs. Sony’s counting on consumer adoption of 3D TVs to drive a big resurgence in TV purchases.

Lots of people have been skeptical of 3D TV, since the magic of movies like Avatar in 3D theaters may not translate into a great experience in the home. But 3D viewable games are getting more popular, and 3D games such as Killzone 3 are likely to be more immersive as experiences than non-3D games.

GamePro magazine is reporting details of the game in its upcoming issue, Kotaku reports. Killzone is a sci-fi first-person shooter game series that has been exclusively developed for Sony game platforms; the last major installment was Killzone 2, which debuted on the PlayStation 3 in March 2009.

That game was an outstanding title that lived up to its hype (see our review here). But it was first talked about as a PS 3 exclusive in 2005 and ran into serious delays; had it arrived earlier, Sony might have had an easier time selling the PS 3, which was more expensive than the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii game consoles. Instead, Sony has ended up third so far in the console race.

But the announcement of Killzone 3 shows that Sony continues to invest heavily in exclusive content. The game is being developed by Sony’s Guerrilla Games studio and is filled with arctic environments, jet pack play, and a big war between human and Helghast (pictured) alien enemies. More details will be revealed at Sony’s press event at E3, the video game industry’s big trade show in Los Angeles in June.