In one of the more intriguing panels to come out of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, this morning Troy Carter (Lady Gaga’s manager, and Founder & CEO of Coalition Media Group) and Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s manager, and Founder & Chair of SB Projects) discussed how the Web was impacting the music industry.

Specifically, they focused on the importance of YouTube, Twitter, and the management of an artist’s online identity.

Carter went as far to say that he and Lady Gaga now develop music videos with YouTube in mind. Traditionally, the music industry aimed for MTV and foreign markets with videos. Now pop stars like Gaga are following in the footsteps of smaller web music video pioneers like OK Go. Braun also reminded the audience of how Bieber started out on YouTube, where his videos hit 55 million views before he signed his record deal.

After Braun discovered Bieber on YouTube, he came up with a strategy of creating more online content to promote the singer. This flew in the face of what the record labels were used to — they believed young singers needed a Disney or Nickelodeon show to become a viable act.

Carter mentioned that Gaga started out on MySpace about four years ago, but Braun was quick to point out that “nobody does MySpace anymore.” Carter is currently eying YouTube star Grayson Chance.

Both managers agreed that Twitter is an important tool, especially for artists that started out on the web. It’s a way to remove the layers between the fans and artist, and Carter believes that the younger generation today wants that unfiltered communication. They don’t want to hear the label speaking on behalf of the artist.

You can find a selective transcript of the chat over at TechCrunch.