I decided to have fun today and make my first custom t-shirt.  The choice for artwork was Ryu doing a ShoRyuKen.  On the front, he's all white, with the exception of red for his headband and gloves, and on the back, he's in gold (with the same red layout).

Here's a picture of the front of the shirt:
Here's the front of my Ryu shirt
When it comes to Ryu, you have to either go with a HaDouKen or a ShoRyuKen.  I decided to go with the latter and created this.  Also, I went with classic white for his gi, as opposed to the photo bellow…

The back of my Ryu shirt
…where I went with gold.  It's the same image as the front, but the gold has some spakle in the paint itself, which looks pretty cool.  I guess it's the best of both worlds: a stronger contrast on the front, but some fun shine in the back.

Oh and in case if any are wondering what the PGN stands for, that's just my logo: Paul Gale Network.  Perhaps my next attemp will be a custom made Bitmob.com T-Shirt.  :)