While there aren’t as many “blockbuster” level announcements at E3 as there were in my younger days, I’m always hoping for some some surprises from the industry.  I thought it would be a fun exercise to think about what my “dream” E3 announcements would be.  Here are a few of the things I would love to see announced, but will not likely see the light of day for one reason or another.CES

A REAL Online Strategy for Nintendo

I know I’m far from alone on this one.  How great would it be to hear of the the arrival of a legitimate online strategy from the big N?  My first hope would be to hear that the idea of “friend codes” had met its demise, to be replaced by the WiiID.  (Use it Nintendo, please – I won’t even charge you!)  Nintendo NEEDS a persistent, unified online ID to join the 21st century online.  Everyone seems to understand this as necessary to a great online experience – at least everyone outside of Nintendo. 

At the same time they could unveil their own achievement system.  (I thought about calling their achievements Wii Wees, but that’s too crass for my taste.)  Nintendo should understand that other people have good ideas too, and it’s ok to steal them from time to time.

Natal and Move at Reasonable Price Points

Another pipe dream, I know, but I’d be on board with both of these if I didn’t have to shell out a Benjamin or more for them.  Why on earth would I spend over a hundred bucks on a borderline gimmicky add-on?  I’m finding every way I can to scrimp on cash nowadays (as are MANY people) and I’m not going to buy anything game-related that costs much more than a new game.

It’s also imperative that both accessories come with a packed-in game – and it MUST have some real value.  I practically wore out my Wii Sports disc because it was just plain fun. 

More Mature Gaming Experiences

And I don’t mean more boobies and gore.  I think Heavy Rain has shown that there IS a market for gaming experiences that handle more mature subject matter.  I don’t want my M ratings to be due to buckets of blood, decapitations, and sex mini-games; I want real content.  I want a story I have to think about every once in awhile.  I want experiences that speak to my demographic in new and exciting ways.  In my earlier days, I prided myself on my twitch skills in tough-as-nails platformers and action games.  I’m over that now.  I like games that make me think to win, games that will stay with me long after I power down the system. 

You know, like art.

Developers Realize We Don’t Care About 3D

VirtualBoyYes, I know 3D movies are all in vogue right now and all, but 3D gaming ain’t the same thing.  You can find a local theater to see a movie in 3D, and it’ll only cost you a few bucks more.  For a 3D gaming experience, you’re looking at an outlay in the $1500 range.  I sure as hell ain’t ready for something I’m not sure will be that much better than what I have now. 

The first time I saw an HDTV in action, my jaw hit the floor.  I HAD to have one.  The first time I saw a 3D TV?  I thought it was cool.  That’s it.

So please devs, focus your efforts on excellence in old-fashioned 2D gaming, and forget about the third dimension for now.  (Other than Nintendo anyhow, a portable system with a little 3D thrown in sounds alright to me.  Well, as long as we don’t get another Virtual Boy.)

A New PSP2 is Announced and Doesn’t Suck

As I said in a previous article, I really want to love the PSP. It’s just plain broken in too many ways.  The analog nub sucks and there’s only one of them, slow loading times are no good on a handheld, and the game library is tepid at best.  I want a handheld that’s both a graphics powerhouse and a great gaming machine with amazing titles.  Sony can get hardware right, they’ve proven that in the past.  I hope they took an honest look at what people didn’t like about the PSP and made some changes.  They certainly didn’t address enough of the issues with the failure that is the PSPGo, but I’m willing to give them another shot. 


Those are just a few things that would raise my gaming pulse.  Another online shooter?  Not so much.  Another mature, grisly open-world game?  Nah.  Give me some meaty announcements like the old days, and I’ll be a happy gamer.  So what are some things YOU would like to see out of E3?