People love to be spoiled. They lie, and say they don't, but they do. They want to know the ending even though they know the disappointment that will follow. It's the reason they open Christmas presents early. It's the reason they scour forums for the ending of their favorite TV show. And it's the reason they get angry when someone spoils something for them. Because these people, don't enjoy the answers they find, they enjoy the quest to find them.

Searching the internet to find answers is a daunting task and the satisfaction comes from finding the answers that no one else knows. Hearing someone tell you the ending is never satisfying. If I were to find someone who had somehow escaped society and was watching Star Wars for the first time and tell them, "Vader's Luke's daddy," they would be infuriated. They are mad because everyone already knows this. The knowledge is no longer sacred. But I think these people are extremely stupid.

Thar be spoilers here.

Hearing that the main character of Red Dead Redemption dies doesn't ruin that game for me. I'm still as excited as ever to play this game, because me knowing of his death doesn't affect how I'll feel during the game. It's not like finding out Tyler Durden has schizophrenia or Jack is Andrew Ryan's clone. I watched Fight Club and played Bioshock knowing full well the twists that were coming and it definitely hurt the experience.  I was looking for the foreshadowing instead of looking for the answer, but knowing that James Marsden dies doesn't change the way I perceive the game.

I won't be looking for John Marston's death, because it's not a twist.  The game that I'll play won't be one where I'm looking for mentions of "would you kindly," or brief clips cut in of Tyler Durden.  I'll still feel every emotion the game wants me to feel, because twists aren't the reason we enjoy media, emotions and characters are.  They're the reason I'm on the edge of my seat every time I see Back to the Future, because tense situations aren't tense because of the outcome, they're tense because of the journey.

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