Many of us hate playing multiplayer games that don’t ever change much. However IllFonic has plans to change the way you play first person shooters. I know your itching to learn more so now we will hear more about this shooter from Lead Designer, Kedhrin Gonzalez.

Toby Davis:  Can you please tell us who you are? Also please tell us a little about what you do at IllFonic.


Kedhrin Gonzalez:  IllFonic is an independent developer based out of Denver, Colorado.  We're a pretty small group of guys (9 of us), hanging out making some pretty dope games. We're made up of a pretty highly skilled group of guys that wanted to try a non-traditional approach to game development.  We treat our stuff like a hobby. With that, our games will feel a bit more personal for our fans. I'm the Lead Designer at IllFonic, I oversee the projects and work in the ditches with everyone else.  We're all hands on deck here.

TD:  What is the Background with Nexuiz and how did you all come up with the concept for it?

KG:  Nexuiz was actually originally developed by AlienTrap and released some time in like 2005.  They released it as an open source Arena FPS.  From the time of its creation, it was survived by a community on the internet for a while.  We were fans of the game, and decided to see if we can license it to release it to consoles.  It's a really fun game and we're doing some slight adjustments to make it even better.  With the new version of the game, we decided to break into the competitive/social aspects of the game.  This means a lot of awesome things for the players who never experienced Nexuiz.  The art style is new and fresh as well.  It will definitely be a new feeling experience for fans of the Arena FPS Genre.

TD:  With this being a first person shooter. What made you all decide to break the traditional mold that is going around?

KG:  For us, PC Gaming has always dominated the twitch fps game play that arena FPS games and even slow paced games like Counter-Strike have.  It's been really hard getting that to consoles.  Instead, we feel like FPS games on consoles have been slowing down because of controls.  We want to introduce console players to the twitch action that Arena FPS games can bring with more intuitive, natural feeling controls.  We'll also be tapping heavily into the competitive nature this game brings. This includes automated tournaments, an in depth clan management system, social network integration for remote access to profile, etc..  Nexuiz also brings many things to the Arena FPS Genre that veterans of it will enjoy – such as melee with any weapon, and a dynamic mutator system. This system allows you to call in rules onto the match when you get a kill streak. These are all random, but players are allowed to spend their points on customizing the chances of a specific mutator from spawning or not spawning. There will also be a persistent profile attached to each player, tracking their clan, ranking, stats, etc. for an extremely well integrated competitive mechanic.

TD:  How is the transition from going from the game Ghetto Golf to Nexuiz? They seem on two different sides of the spectrum.

KG:  We're still working on Ghetto Golf, but Nexuiz is in our primary sights right now.  For us, we wanted to dive into both the artistic and challenging side of creating Nexuiz.  Ghetto Golf is our baby project, we're taking our time on it to make sure it's done right.  But don't think we're neglecting our polish on Nexuiz.  It's looking really sick.

TD: Is there a class system and if so what types of classes can we expect to see?

KG:  Theres not a class system in Nexuiz, instead players store their ranking/score points into a persistent profile.  They're able to spend their points on managing their dynamic mutators, almost like an any time store.  They won't be locked onto one track with them.  These dynamic mutators are extremely critical for advancing yourself to the best of your skillset.  The player is also able to add permanent adjustments to their player stats as they rank.  These adjust things like health, maximum armor/ammo, etc.

TD:  Many games after maybe the first few months for download shooters on consoles dry up. Can you say how you plan to keep the community actively playing your game?

KG:  Our fully integrated community will bring players together for a long lasting game. There will be yearly grand championship tournaments, as well as bi-monthly practice tournaments.  These are all fully automated, as well as an impressive LAN manager for offline tournaments with friends etc.   The Clan management system will bring clans together like no game before.   We want Nexuiz to be fully sustained so players never have to go to an external place to get involved with their community. That and our continuous updates with new DLC including levels, weapons, game modes and more. We're going to be giving players more and more content over time for sure. 

TD:  So is there anything else you would like to say about the game that hasn’t been released yet?

KG:  We have something to say after e3, can't say yet – but it’s going to be dope.  You'll love what you see.