The most important week in video games has come and gone again. Those of us not lucky enough to attend the biggest show of the year are left wondering what was worth taking a look at, and what didn't seem to live up to the hype?

Truth be told, it's only the hardcore and jaded members of the press that look at E3 as simply a place to play the newest games before everyone else gets a chance to. A big part of the magic that took place in the Los Angeles Convention Center is the design of company booths and the show floor itself.

The following are a few more pictures taken by members of the Bitmob team as they fought their way through the show-floor chaos. Enjoy!


Hordes at the PlayStation booth.

A Ferrari 458 Italia in repose, promoting Forza Motorsport 4.

Big Daddy and Little Sis.

Pac-Man: Battle Royale, coming to a bar near you?

Hordes at the Nintendo booth.

3DS in the wild (well, under a glass case).

Shigeru Miyamoto brandishes Link's sword and shield shortly before revealing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. At first we thought they might be peripherals.

Miyamoto smashed through the wall Kool-Aid-Man-style to demo the new Zelda.

After the big 3DS reveal, Nintendo paraded approximately a million hot chicks and zero hot guys tethered to handhelds up and down the aisles. When are they gonna learn that girls like games, too?

Bitmob's Mike Minotti gets a firm grip on Pac-Man Party. He loves it! Vigorously.

The Guild creator Felicia Day cheats on World of Warcraft with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Vern Troyer plays Madden NFL 11.

PlayStation pitchman Kevin Butler upstages Sony CEA CEO Jack Tretton.

PlayStation Move peripherals.

Our own Mike Minotti, on the (PlayStation) Move. Why so serious, Mike?