In what I hope is a regular feature, I will dissect the week's major sporting events using Nintendo games and products as a point of comparison.  Games color and shape the way we see the world.  So do sports.  By viewing sporting events through a specific gaming lense, my intention is to combine these interests in a way that hopefully sheds light on each.

Secondary goal: To make strange, often ill-fitting connections that may or may not cause you to chuckle or ponder deep existential queries or question what Yellow Cards have to do with useless peripherals.  Follow along if you wish.  And I welcome your responses or alternate takes on the weeks' topic. 

Special thanks to community member T. McReynolds for the inadvertant suggestion.

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Do A Bunker Shot!

Tiger Woods

The U.S. Open begins with all eyes on Tiger Woods, recently disgraced mega-star, at the site of one of his finest moments: the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, where he won by an incredible 15 strokes.  Four strokes back with one day to play, can he mount another comeback and erase our recently tainted feelings??




Starfox 64

Reminds me of another mammalian-named alpha male…Star Fox. His was the first big 16-bit game in 3D, blowing away its polygon-less competition.   Now it's back after a short time on theback-burner, ready to kick off a new 3D revolution with Starfox 64 3D.   But it's starting to show its age.  Like Mr. Woods, will people forget its past erroneous ways (Star Fox Adventures = adultery?) and remember all the good times shared during its former glory? 



World Cup Runneth Over?

In a stirring upset, Switzerland, known mostly for their bank accounts, beat Spain 1-0 in their opening match of the World Cup.  Some say Spain, the #2 team in the world, looked past their competition and rested too heavily on their laurels.  Others say it was the goalie's girlfriend's fault.  Now, they look forward to a match with Honduras, and hope to stay alive.




In a stirring upset, Nintendo, known mostly for their overflowing bank account, arguably "won" E3 with an emphasis on long-lost franchises for the hardcore and stunning new technology.  Some say Microsoft, with the second-best selling console in the west, hoped all the fake elephants and upside-down living rooms would woo the mainstream into looking past the mediocrity of their actual games.  Others say it was Kudo Tsunoda's wife's fault for suggesting the name "Kinect."  Now, they look forward to the holiday season, and hope that Move is too pricey to sell and the 3DS slides into 2011.