I ran across an article in the Huffington Post Comedy section today about Mario.  It's called "13 Things Worth Knowing About Mario."  I never knew about the Mozart song opening each phase of the game, or that Pauline came before Princess Peach.  Here's a few more things a person should probably know:

1.  Mario Bros. 2 is not the same game as Mario Bros. 1.

I'm not sure if there were any real clues to this one when the game was released, but the first time I pulled a vegetable out of the ground and killed an enemy with it, I was really confused! 

2.  The First Three Mario Games Were Re-done on the SNES


3.  Be Toad in Super Mario Kart

If anyone ever figured out a consistent way to win with Donkey Kong, I'd be impressed.  

4. Mario Games Are Expensive

Even the old SNES Mario games still sell for around $30.

Well I'm starting to think about this a little too much so I'm just going to stop there.