It’s time to launch your product. But where? Choosing the right platform to make your product’s first public appearance is critical. Sure, you have other options from going it alone to other launch events, but…

DEMO sets itself apart from all other launch options. DEMO’s track record of successes, turnkey services and ability to expose your company and product to the entire tech ecosystem of VCs, investors, IT buyers and the global IT press, make DEMO your best option.

Still on the fence? Here are the Top 10 reasons to launch at DEMO:

1: DEMO Alumni funding successes:

22% of past demonstrators received funding within 60 days as a direct result of a DEMO launch.
92% who secured funding did so within 9 months of DEMO.
62% received over $1 million in funding, mostly from venture and angel investors.

*Source: DEMO 2010 Demonstrator Survey

2: DEMO launch companies have raised over $4.5 billion within the past five years following their debut at DEMO.

3: Over 50 DEMO alumni launch companies have been acquired by tech giants, including Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Symantec, Viacom and Yahoo.

4: Major players have debuted at DEMO. Adobe Acrobat, Netscape Navigator, Java, Palm, Microsoft LiveMeeting; Tivo, VMWare, iRobot, Leapfrog,; Webex, ETrade, Boingo Wireless,, and Skype for the mobile handset, to name a few.

5: Opportunity to win DEMO People’s Choice $1M Advertising Campaign — a robust advertising campaign, devoted to sharing your message and launch video with over 270 million IT buyers worldwide through the powerful brands under the IDG umbrella, including CIO magazine, CSO magazine, Computerworld, GamePro, InfoWorld, Macworld, Network World and PC World.

6: A portfolio of turnkey, personalized services to prepare you for the best launch experience:

  • PR support and communications training with a national public relations agency
  • Demonstrator presentation review with a professional coach
  • Script review by DEMO’s Executive Producer
  • Technical rehearsal with the DEMO Production Team
  • On-stage rehearsal and feedback
  • On-site demonstration coach
  • Post-event promotion of launch video across IDG Global Website Network

7: Get even more visibility at VentureBeat online and the DEMOBeat Channel. As an added bonus to your launch at DEMO Fall, your company and product will receive extended widespread coverage on VentureBeat online and the DEMOBeat Channel.

8: 92% of recent DEMO demonstrators said that DEMO’s press coverage was “excellent”. The global IT Press will be at DEMO Fall 2010 in Silicon Valley. Think of what you would have to spend to get that kind of press coverage on your own.

9: As a DEMO Alumni you can attend the DEMO Innovation Tour throughout the year, across the country, around the world. An exceptional opportunity for you to network with the local VCs, entrepreneurs and DEMO alumni at one of the DEMO evening reception gatherings.

10: DEMO’s long and impressive track record. Over its 20-year history, DEMO has earned a reputation for being the “Launchpad for Emerging Technology” by identifying new innovations that are most likely to disrupt the markets they serve and/or change the way we use technology.

Apply to Launch : Deadline July 1

Still not convinced? Read what recent DEMO alumni have to say:

“DEMO is worth every penny. If you are going to launch a product and want to launch it right, go to DEMO.” – Mary Modney, Public Relations, GreenNurture.

“I can’t imagine a more important activity for our company than launching at DEMO.” – Frank Paterra, COO, EVP Sales/BD, DigitalScirocco.

“I’ve been to DEMO many times and with three different companies, ranging from the very big to the very small. In all cases it was a huge boost for the product and the company. It’s fantastic how the show has remained relevant and productive for so long.” – Jim Gable Kylo, Product Manager, Hillcrest Labs (and past DEMOgod!).

“DEMO was absolutely one of the greatest venues I’ve ever participated in. You’d be silly to launch anywhere else.” – Tom Serres, Founder & CEO of Piryx.

“DEMO is a great brand for launching new technology. We are extremely happy with the PR exposure that DEMO made possible.” – Ringful,com Team.

Apply to Launch: Deadline July 1