I've pretty much resigned to the fact that Infinity Ward doesn't want to support Modern Warfare 2 at this point. They patched the game a few times after launch, and now all they do is put out rehashed, uninspired, not to mention overpriced map packs. The fact remains that even when the latest bug/exploit isn't making the rounds the game is, for all intents and purposes, broken. So I write this to propose what Infinity Ward has to do to redeem themselves in the world of competitive multiplayer. 

Let's start with the most glaring and over-arching problem with the game. That of course would be net code. As I'm sure many of you will attest this game is pretty unplayable when any variance of network connection is introduced. I'm not just talking about host advantage either. Two players with different connection speeds are often misrepresented to each other in the game space. This is most apparent in the many instances in which you duck behind cover only to discover that your opponent shot you multiple times in the chest when it was clearly cowering behind a dumpster. The killcam is an exercise in demonstrating the rampant latency occurring in the game at all times. You are rarely in the same spot on your screen as where the killcam shows you being so thoroughly destroyed. Whereas watching the killcam used to be an alleviating mechanic to show how exactly you died it is now just an infuriating look at the developers lack of effort in designing an online infrastructure.

Even though the underlying foundation of the game is flawed there should still be some fun to be had with all the guns. attachments, perks, and killstreaks right? Wrong. IW threw balance out the door with MW2, and I'd even go so far as to say they did so with COD4. Either way they threw in a ton of new stuff apparently without regard to balancing any of it, or how it might effect gameplay. So now we get people hiding in bushes, glitches, and far off perches to chase down that elusive 25 killstreak. Seriously, did nobody at IW not see that coming? 25 is a ridiculous number. If it takes you longer than a minute of gameplay to attain then it's probably not something that should be in the game. I don't know anyone whothinks that having a tactical nuke in the game makes for abetter experience. Flat out: bad idea. Scaling back to automated killstreaks like Cod4 would be much more appropriate/ balanced for future titles.

The second balance issue is obviously shotguns. They're maybe not so much overpowered, but they are most definitely too powerful at range. It's almost like IW didn't taper off the damage as distance becomes greater. They chose a distance and said ok one-hit-kill within this radius. I don't think much needs to be said about this, at least I hope not. Making shotguns primary weapons again would also help alleviate the problem. I don't even want to get started on noob tubes. Everyone knows what they are and how unbalanced they are. I'd obviously rather have them out of the game entirely, but at the very least offer two sets of playlists. One with noob tubes available and one without. Sort of like the Barebones playlists that just came out. Not that anyone plays them unfortunately. 

If these issues are adressed in Modern Warfare 3, or Black Ops for that matter then Activision may just have my money again. Otherwise they can just keep putting out their billion dollar franchises until they wear them out like they always do. I'll just play Reach for the next 3 years or so.