Confused over Singularity's fixation on time? Curious if Medal of Honor can live up to the monolithic Call of Duty franchise? Check out our E3 shooter guide for more info!

Video Blips:

• Singularity has it all — sniper rifles, "temporal dilation," zombies, and even a goofily stylized font with backward characters. Oh, and voice actor Nolan North. We can't forget about Nolan North (as much as we want to). [GameTrailers]

Continue after the break for an interview with a special-ops consultant for Medal of Honor, a handheld version of the classic Red Alert, and a debut trailer for Pokémon: Black & White.


• This interview with an actual Special Forces "operator" continues the fine tradition of Medal of Honor videos lacking any gameplay whatsoever. I guess we're supposed to imagine ourselves in the boots of one of those anonymous soldiers. [GameTrailers]

• Take the fight to those pesky time-traveling Russians (or control the Red Army yourself) in Red Alert for the iPhone. Contemporary strategy games may get increasingly grandiose, but the simplicity of Red Alert is truly timeless. No pun intended. [GameTrailers]

• Caught all of those perky Pokémon? Back to the grinder for you — Pokémon: Black & White has 22 new critters to catch (so far). It also has more awkward banter between trainers before a battle begins. [GameVideos]