As the public began consuming those covert tweets on the Sunday before E3 from those in attendance at Microsoft's unveiling of Kinect; it was clear that Microsoft was stepping outside their comfort zone to say the least. There was quite a bit of dissent among most of the gamer press, but in retrospect it seems the event was successful in making a mainstream media splash. The next day Microsoft's press conference was also met with mixed opinions, but it was clear that Kinect would have a lot of appeal to the younger demographic. A few gems like the irresistibly cute Kinectimals and Dance Central show that the hardware is capable of delivering interesting new experiences.

     It wasn't until the Ubisoft conference that I saw something that really made me excited for Kinect. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Child of Eden was by far the most impressive Kinect demo for a gamer demographic. After seeing it I discovered Rez HD on Live Arcade. I've heard a lot about Rez and Space Channel 5 over the past couple years so I immediately bought and downloaded it. I've gotta say I was blown away by how that game sweeps you up and gets you bouncin' to the beat, and as a lover of Trance music I was in heaven. 

     I know that one game simply isn't enough for the vast majority of people out there. All I have to say is be patient. I'm just saying wait for the second round of games to come out. In fact you shouldn't have to wait long. A lot of people were confused about Milo and Kate not being on display, but it was being shown behind closed doors. Later next month Peter Molyneux is going to be giving a TED talk on the game. If you don't know what TED is I suggest you go check it out. Some of the greatest minds from around the world have lectured to TED crowds, and there's some truly amazing stuff on there (most recently a working version of the Minority Report UI was shown). And that is why I'm excited, and hopeful, for the possibilities of Kinect.