I've got good news and bad news this week for all of the Pixel Revolt listeners out there.

First, the bad news: Episode 26 won't be coming out this week — or ever. Due to several unforeseen technical difficulties, the show is now our very own "lost" episode. This is particularly unfortunate considering our guest was Bitmob superfan Lance Darnell! Sorry, Lance — we'll get you on again soon.

But this brings me to the good news: We're going to take the extra time off to retool the show and come back better than ever. This is where all of you come in.

Recently, Aaron Thomas put up a post asking for community feedback on the Mobcast. We'd like to ask the same of all of you. We've been doing the show for just over a year now with a format that has remained largely unchanged. In that same year, the Bitmob community has grown and evolved into something very different than the early days, and we feel like the podcast that represents the community should do the same.

So how would you change Pixel Revolt for the better? Would you like a different format? More community involvement? More of Jeff's hair? We want your answers! You can either leave your suggestions here or email them to PixelRevoltDL@gmail.com.

Remember: This is YOUR show, and we want to hear what you have to say, good or bad. So fire away!