Looking to shine through hordes of competition by making taking and sharing webcam photos even easier, an ex-MySpace engineer recently launched Snapp.me as a social photo-sharing platform.

Founder Nick Granado’s unique angle is that his site focuses on people interested in taking photos with their webcams. (Snapp.me does also offer applications for iPhones and Android devices.) Users can link their social networks to the service so that photos can easily be shared — including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Flickr.

The site also works as its own social network. Others who come across your photos and like them can agree to follow you and be notified when you post new photos. Giant Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace buttons also allow other users to easily share your photos through their own social networks.  Users can also “like” others’ photos, which will appear to others on the photos page, along with total views.

While targeting those interested in taking photos with their webcams may work, it’s probably not going to be enough to become a legit service next to super powers in the photo world like Flickr, Photobucket or Facebook.

The Santa Monica-based company, founded in 2009, was built for less than $3,000. In an email, Granado claimed it’s growing at a rate of 28 percent per quarter. Not that that such growth rates are hard to achieve at its current small size: According to traffic measurement service Compete.com, the site is currently attracting around 2,000 visitors per month.