Have you ever wished you could call your blog and leave a voice message for your readers? The answer is probably no. However that hasn’t stopped popular blogging platform WordPress today from adding the feature, according the company’s blog.

The new voice feature, dubbed “post by voice” can be found under the My Blogs tab and allows any user to secure a special number and code to call their blog. Once dialed, the user can input the code and record a message that will then be uploaded as an audio file and posted. For those looking to leave a message beyond their blog, they can use the Publicize feature to post the audio file automatically on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

The service is currently free to use, and each audio recording can be as long as 60 minutes in length. The company notes that this may change depending on how people react to the feature, meaning that if the feature catches on it will start charging.

While I initially didn’t see much value in this feature, I then listened to WordPress blogger Matt’s first audio recording at the bottom of his post. He mentions a few useful ways to use this feature, including launching a private blog to record notes to yourself, recording a live concert to then listen to and share later or even using it during a conference call to record meetings.

One concern is not being able to include text with the audio recordings. If a user calls in a voice recording and posts it, readers have no clue or context to tell them what they are agreeing to listen to before they click the play button. While this may not be a huge concern, I can see it hindering the feature from really catching on with users.

Alexander Graham Bell (pictured above) would be proud.