After spending a mere $35,000 on this working replica of a light cycle from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie and Tron: Evolution video game, what are the chances you will want to take this thing out on the town? A company named Parker Brothers Choppers in Melbourne, FL has painstakingly recreated the vehicles everyone is going to be talking about by year's end, and the best part is they will be street legal!

For the $35k price tag, you can choose whether you want a gas-powered or an high-output electric motor, and according to the site, "The back cover opens up at the push of a button and there is a neon glow that exits from the back of the bike to resemble the light cycles colored light trail from the original game." Sweet!

All of the other neon lighting can be turned on at the flick of a switch as well. If I was a billionaire, I would buy all five of these limited-edition bikes, rent out a large arena, and make my own light-cycle battle. Then maybe chicks would dig me. Head on over to Ebay to place your bid.