Here’s the latest action:

Solar plane lands after 24-hour test — The Solar Impulse aircraft, which runs exclusively on power generated by sunlight proved two things today: That it can fly for a continuous 24 hours, and that it can collect and store enough energy to keep it in the air at night. The Associated Press has the details on the record-breaking event.

Facebook says no to Facebook movie — According to the social network’s advertising policy, it will not run ads that reference the company directly unless it has participated in their development. Considering that the film’s tagline (referencing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) is “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies,” it’s a fair bet that you won’t be seeing it marketed on the site.

OLED shortages endangering Android — Android-based smartphones like the Nexus One are largely dependent on organic light-emitting diodes to backlight their touchscreens. But with demand for these products taking off — the number of these screens is expected to jump from 20.4 million (in 2009) to 184.5 million by 2014 — new concerns are being raised over possible shortages, and whether they could stymie Android’s expansion.

OpenTable CEO joins Booyah’s board — Jeff Jordan, president and CEO of restaurant reservation site OpenTable, has joined the board of directors for Booyah, a location-based social application maker that wants to bring gaming dynamics to the self-improvement market. The press release can be found here.

Soho OS bags $1M — Soho, provider of web-based tools for small businesses in one central location, has raised $1 million in fresh capital from Israeli investment firm TheTime. TechCrunch has more.

Foursquare dwarfs competitor Gowalla — The two companies are considered rivals in the emerging mobile-location and check-in business, but a look at their user bases puts them in different leagues. It turns out Foursquare has five times as many users as Gowalla, and is adding 10 times as many users every day.

Froyo ices iOS — The newest Android release (2.2), known as FroYo, has sped up JavaScript performance times so much that they are actually three times faster than on Android 2.1, and almost three times faster than they are on iOS, the operating system used on the iPhone 4.

Ford finds new use for soy — The major automaker has announced that it has created a new rubber suited to car components using soy oil. It is applying for a patent on the substance, which it says to could replace 25 percent of the petroleum used in car rubber.

T-Mobile roadmap leaked — The carrier appears to have had its future plans leaked onto the internet in the form of a screenshot of an internal presentation. The most salient milestones lying ahead: five new Android devices before the end of 2010. AndroidSpin has the story.