Flurry said today it is formally launching its AppCircle network for cross-selling mobile apps.

Flurry operates a mobile analytics, money-making and promotion service for mobile developers. It reaches 65 million monthly mobile users and is used in 45,000 apps. AppCircle is a platform that developers can use to cross-sell their apps to all of Flurry’s users.

Flurry announced the private beta version of AppCircle in November as a natural extension of its analytics business to address the problem of discovery. With more than 243,000 apps on the App Store, it has become terribly difficult for developers to get noticed, especially if an app is not in the top 100 charts.

With AppCircle, creates a market for promoters, or developers who want to get more users, and developers who want to make more money from their apps. It analyzes a user’s iPhone apps and figures out what their tastes are. Then it recommends other Flurry-based apps to users based on their tastes. More than 450 companies have promoted and made money from apps with AppCircle. Flurry says that, because it knows what apps users like, it can do much better recommendations than other promotions.

“Flurry’s approach to solving discovery speaks directly to a pain point raised by many of our clients looking to launch iPhone applications,” said Paul Gelb, Razorfish national manager, emerging media. “And because of its targeting technology, AppCircle helps companies acquire users that they’ll likely retain longer.”

AppCircle is built on top of Flurry Analytics, which is used by 45,000 apps on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and mobile Java platforms. Here’s how Flurry describes how AppCircle works below:

Application developers can use AppCircle as publishers, promoters or both. As publishers, developers integrate Flurry into their applications, enabling Flurry to serve targeted application recommendations to their consumers. Publishers earn 60% of the price promoters pay for each app download. As promoters, application developers create campaigns and set bids on how much they are willing to pay for a new user. Flurry’s recommendation engine will match relevant promoter apps to display in publisher apps, and then use bidding to rank the order in which impressions are shown.

Integrating Flurry AppCircle is flexible for publishers. The service allows several integration options including adding links to menu pages, settings pages or serving banner impressions. Publishers can also use their own virtual currency to incentivize downloads. Promoters can set up, fund and run campaigns within minutes.

Application developers who act as both publishers and promoters get the best of both worlds: revenue and downloads. Additionally, developers who join as both promoters and publishers receive a 25% credit for every dollar they earn as a publisher that is reinvested into promoting their applications, accelerating adoption and revenue generation.
AppCircle is publicly available for App Store applications and is self-service. Support for Android applications is planned for the first week of August 2010. Flurry analytics customers are encouraged to contact their account managers for help getting started with AppCircle.