The gaming industry. A wild west full of controversy, evil publishing corporations, press, PR, small indie developers, and of course the little people who are the target for all of these elements. But when you think of what defines a game, specifically a gamer, what do you think of? A fat kid planted in front of the tv all day, or maybe the newer family gamers, crowded in front of wii bowling.

Games are being divided into sub categories nowadays with social games, hardcore games, casual games. How far can we stretch this until it is not a game anymore. Wii fit is a good example of this, promoting physical activity, and weight loss. The exact opposite of a games goal 10 years ago. A “real” game wants to engross you in an experience, waver the line between reality and imagination.

Take Mass Effect 2, a fairly hardcore game with a deep and compelling narrative. Enticing to the gamer, who wants to be sucked in to the galaxy. Games promoting physical activity, never draw you into a world, mostly because of your inability to keep up with the best of the best physically. I guess what really defines a game is the form of interactivity, either with buttons or your body.

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