So this game came out back on Tuesday for the PSN and Wednesday for the Xbox 360. I won't say that this won't be on the Bandwagon or one sided. At least I am honest so if you don't want to read this biased based review of the demo then find another great Bitmob article.


When I found out EA picked up publishing rights to this game I was sad. Don't get me wrong, but EA has let me down a few times over the years. However Hothead Games has my loyalty for there great ideas and games that are great IMO (See I showed my biased there). One of my main concerns would be they would take away some of the fun and or comedic sense that is in the game. 

So you know I am a Loot whore hack/slash fan who loves strategy games. This game has the looting and hack and slashing that I crave. Torchlight did this for me as well, but my computer sucked an it is harmful to my addiction. 

This is a game you have to read or you will miss what I would call a sly of humor. Now, the humor won't be for every one, but I like the change for humor. Hack and slash with obscure mission humor is for me like cheesecake when eating out. A luxury that doesn't happen every where. 

Playing the demo you only get certain things you can use. Once you buy the game things will unlock. Now there may things that will glitch, but then again what game doesn't. Check it out and remember you can use four buttons to attack and two buttons for melee weapons. 

So for those of you who bought the game (I am jealous of) and those who only played the demo what are your thoughts?