If you’re a company about to launch a product that will change the world, remember today is the deadline to apply to DEMO.

This fall’s DEMO is shaping up to be a hot event. It’s taking place in Silicon Valley for the first time ever, on Sept. 13-15. Throughout its 20 year history, DEMO has been held in remote places like Palm Springs, Calif.. But after consistent feedback from people who wanted to make it more accessible, we chose to move it to the valley. This show will be big: Attendance registrations and applications are up significantly. The nation’s major tech media have also registered in larger numbers.

DEMO is the world’s leading conference for emerging technology launches. It’s where everyone from Netscape, Salesforce, TiVo, Palm, ETrade, VMWare, Adobe, Symantec and many more launched their earliest products.

Whether the pick up we’re seeing is due to DEMO’s move to the valley is not entirely clear. The economy has strengthened. Geoff Yang, a partner at Redpoint Ventures who has invested in Silicon Valley for 26 years, dropped by our office this week and echoed the sentiment I’ve heard from other investors lately. Since early 2009, things have gotten steadily hotter. The pace of innovation among entrepreneurs is now as fast as he’s ever seen it. It even rivals the Internet heyday of mid to late 1990s, Yang said: “We’re seeing it in the number of ideas, and number of entrepreneurs….It’s more exciting than it has been in a very long time.”

The opportunities are huge: Disruption is hitting almost every element of the computer industry, from the PC, to laptop to the phone. On the data center side, too, the industry is being shaken up. Social networking, in turn, is jolting almost every media and content company in profound ways. Satish Dharmaraj, another partner at Redpoint, calls the breadth of disruption hitting the industry “craziness.”

We’ll be seeing all of these trends unfold at DEMO this fall. Stay tuned for more announcements about our program over the next couple of months. But one thing I’m particularly exited about is that we’ll be bringing more of the large corporate buyers into the room this year. Our relationship with IDG in this event has given us unique access to the CIO community through their CIO Council, and so we’re bringing in a bunch of high-level CIOs to join our existing attendee mix of investors, corporate development executives and other professionals. This is a perfect deal-making environment.

But don’t miss the chance to launch. Even if you’re a mature company, DEMO is the place to showcase your cool new product. More information here.

[Image credit: Matthew Clark, Flickr]