Just once, I'd like to see superspy James Bond attempt to reach a destination without blowing something up sky-high along the way.

Video Blips:

James Bond 007: Blood Stone features Daniel Craig's likeness, including his smoldering grimace. I wonder who has the most convincing scowl…Craig or Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher? [GameTrailers]

Continue after the break for an eccentric announcement trailer for Mega Man Universe, an intimately familiar Lord of Arcana clip, and the cyberpunk-inspired action of E.Y.E.


• Mega Man Universe not only provides a new take on the robotic blue warrior, it also transforms this sleeping child's room into a freaking arcade wonderland. In typical gamer fashion, the kid's rapt gawking at the stop-motion hijinks in his room abruptly ends with more sleep. [GameSpot]

• Lord of Arcana likes to think big — big armor, bigger weapons, and even bigger monsters. Some of these battles remind me of another game that rhymes with "lobster humper." [GameTrailers]

• E.Y.E's easily apparent influence from Deus Ex gives players multiple high-tech avenues to battle enemies. Don't confuse the in-game Tyroll Corporation with Blade Runner's Tyrell Corporation; on the other hand, the names are similar enough to not preclude an homage to one of the best cyberpunk films ever made. [GameTrailers]