VentureBeat Team photo by Brian SolisVentureBeat is on a roll. It’s been three months since I joined the team, and pageviews and audience have grown more than 18 percent. We just wrapped our third annual MobileBeat conference, where the year of the superphone kicked off with big attendance and big news. Now it’s time to make this place really rock.

We’re looking to expand our team with new writing talent. Already, we’ve added Devindra Hardawar, a frequent contributor who’s going to step up his coverage of mobile for us starting next month. There’s so much to cover in the world of innovation — social media, cloud computing, digital media, and more — that we’re looking for writers who can help us go deeper.

What’s it like working at VentureBeat? Some people wonder if online media is the new sweatshop. Here at VentureBeat, we’ll agree to disagree with that bleak assessment. Sure, we pay attention to what our audience is paying attention to — it would be foolish not to, since we think our readers are incredibly smart. And so we’re hiring writers who view operating in the online news cycle as an exciting opportunity, not some dystopian future.

Our team works incredibly hard to bring insight into innovation and help our readers find the opportunities in new technologies. But we hardly stay shackled to our computers in that quest, since deep insights into technology require getting out and meeting investors, entrepreneurs, and other smart people. That’s a reason why we were named one of the most influential business blogs and why our content is syndicated to a growing number of partners like the New York Times. Our thoughtful and thought-provoking brand of journalism means we’re a great place to build your name.

If you’re interested, please contact us at with the subject line “Writer.” Include links to five recent clips and a short paragraph on what you think you can add to VentureBeat’s coverage.

[Photo: Brian Solis]