Yes I have been drinking again and it is that time where I write about gaming like I want to. Gamers and Gamers is something I try to talk about at least once a year. Since I have yet to do that this year I felt it is time to do it once more. 


It is time to reflect as a gaming community on what I have seen or heard. Then again Gamers who help other gamers are great people in my book and makes me proud to be a gamer. Some people go above the call for other gamers and try to help out there fellow person even if they have not meet. 

Many of you may not know I quit my job at the end of June and moved with out a job lined up or anything. During this time I thanked a fellow gamer who offered to give me money so I can buy food. I declined his offer even though I consider him a close friend of mine. This made me weep a bit because I opened up and with out a blink he was willing to help someone he has not meet, but at a gaming community named Bitmob. So you all know I live near family and they have helped us out in this time and things are decent right now. 

Today I found out a gamer friend of mine is slightly depressed about his job being gone. When I read this I was hoping I could help in some way, but that was not to happen. Before I could said anything I continued to read where another gamer friend told him he would help him update his resume for him. Knowing how close that side of my friends are it made me smile to see Gamers helping Gamers. 

I will toss into what I think I have done recently for another gamer. The other day I went to the mail and found I had a twenty-five dollar gift card for gamestop. So I go in and buy a twenty dollar card and as I was walking out I handed the remaining five dollars to a kid who was buying a used ps2 game. Before anything could be said I walked out knowing I saved another gamer some money. 

Also I would like to thank one gamer in particular for over the past two years we have been good friends. I have used him as a shoulder to talk to even though we haven't meet he has helped me a lot emotionally. With everything that we talk about, discuss and share. I am glad to have a fellow gamer that I can trust this much as his friendship means a lot. Even though I talk his ear of almost daily and he is the reason why I am typing this and drinking yuengling.( I don't condone underage drinking so don't try it if your underage.)

Every gamer is different in how they go about things and to be honest I am fine with that. If you don't like to help out others that is fine by me as I wont hold it against you. For all of you do help out other gamers way to go and pat your selves on the back.