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LimboReview: Limbo
By Michael Edwards
Limbo's persuasively abstract visual style masks its simplistic task of guiding an enigmatic youth on the search for his sister. Check out Michael's review and see if this cleverly designed puzzler is worthy of taking up residence on your Xbox 360's hard drive.

Mass Effect 2 — A Review
By Jon Porter
As a laudable sequel to BioWare's 2007 sci-fi epic, Mass Effect 2 received just as many accolades for its story and backdrop — but Jon steps in with a review that uncovers a few imperfections. Want to find out more? Then quit poking Wrex and read Jon's awesome article.


Alpha ProtocolAlpha Protocol Review: Don't Give Up on Obsidian Yet
By Siri Karri
Alpha Protocol — Obsidian's first foray into the umbrous life of a superspy — met with a mixed reception from the gaming community. But like most games, a first-hand experience qualifies a valid opinion — such as Siri's review, which bestows a few hundred bonus points for character flexibility but subtracts a few million for cantankerous gameplay woes.

Alpha Protocol: Charmed by Choice
By Gary Lucero
Consider this scenario: You're a spy with an assignment to extract information from an unwilling contact. In the real world, the solution would probably entail ample amounts of cash and incentives. While the same approach exists in Alpha Protocol, the option to provide a couple of solid headbutts also gets your point across. Take a look at Gary's review for his thoughts on the game's robust choice system.

Rock Band iPhone/iPod TouchFor What It's Worth: Rock Band iPhone/iPod Touch
By Ryan Conway
Ryan's For What It's Worth series continues its trek of analyzing bargain-valued games with this review of Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Aside from redefining the notion of "finger-tappin'" along to music, does the game stack up to its console counterpart? Tap over to the full review and see for yourself!

For What It's Worth: Ristar
By Ryan Conway
While Ristar's development team is better known for creating a little game called Sonic the Hedgehog, many gamers passed over this colorful platformer in favor of increasingly popular 32- and 64-bit technologies. Thankfully, Ryan's review gives much-deserved credit to the residents of Planet Neer — and Ristar himself.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Review — Contextual Gameplay
By Thilina Bandara
It's no secret that Splinter Cell: Conviction's Sam Fisher has had a really bad day. After escaping the nightmares of his professional life, Sam simply wanted to fade into secluded anonymity…but the chase pulled him back in for a final adventure. Check out Thilina's review for an enlightening (or should I say darkening?) take on Sam's crusade for revenge.