If you read many of my articles I show favoritism to the companies I like. One of the main companies I have always enjoyed is RARE. These are my thoughts and no one is prompting me to say this stuff at all or in any way. Now time for me to go into when I think talent maybe wasted at RARE.


For me Rare has always made quality games with a distinct flare that has been enjoyable. If you look at there intellectual properties they have under there belt you will be amazed when reading the names. Some have been hit's that required sequels and others have been just cult followings that were done well. Then again lets move from the past to the present. 

Understanding that Microsoft owns Rare and has ultimate say in what they do I don't knock the Brand Rare. I understand that Rare was the group behind the Avatars and makes the dashboard look "hip" for gamers to look at. I understand that they are making avatar related games for the Kinect that may or may not pan out. I say pan out as not many accessories catch on at 149.99 starting price. So now lets talk about the real reason why I sulk and think talent is being wasted.

Rare has great employee's as I tend to follow a few of them on personal blogs and twitter. Even as a fan I went as far as sending one of them a gift that was not work related just because he in my mind is a great guy and now a great husband to a lady. So I kinda know they have great employees even though I have not meet any of them in person, but have gotten in a few games. 

So Avatars are not my thing and I see Microsoft trying to get casual gamers more involved. Understanding this as a gamer was the hardest part because that means what I loved about Rare is going away. Talent that could be used to making a new IP world to make a statement in the gaming world is being used to make what many say is just a replica of what Nintendo did a few years ago, but in high definition. I am not even going to go into what I just said either cause it hurt me to write it. 

Maybe they have an internal team of about seven people and they are coming up with something great as they do platforming so well. Of course it is always helpful to bring something new to the table. However with things going digital I wish they would put some talent into making download able games to increase there profits and make an eight hour game for about twenty dollars. Hell even Hothead figured this out with DeathSpank and I bet they made it into the black. Rare would still be awesome and due to them moving there stuff digitally they would hopefully be able to produce more quality games under a great new IP that everyone would enjoy instead of trying to make people buy a 150 dollar gimmick that I would say doesn't have a good following from my eyes. 

Hoping that Rare's talent is doing more then just Avatar and avatar related games in the future. I would love to hear comments from others about this.