For a lot of gamers, home decorating rates somewhere below making sure the fridge is full of beer and that all the games are facing forward on their entertainment system shelf. This is a piece of furniture that could change all of that.

Igor Chak introduces us to an old friend who has retired from destroying all our bases and can now safely reside in your living room. This Space Invaders couch is made from leather and lined with memory foam (you know, the substance your grandma's pillow is made from) [Igor Chak via Technabob]:

Unfortunately, this inventive little sofa is not something you can walk into your local furniture store and buy — Chak is actually looking for someone to help him put this concept into limited production. The only thing missing is a few strategically-placed ottomans to protect your TV from obliteration, and you would be good to go! Look for more pictures after the jump.