So here’s the story …

I am currently in the process of writing a paper for a class on “new media” in non-profit settings and I am hoping that the brilliant and talented Bitmob community can help me out with something that has me stumped.

The focus of my paper is on the use of video games in educational settings and as such I am in need of some basic definitions. Since this is an academic paper, I figured I would need something more technical for video games than, say, “the beloved enterprise/entity that has devoured the great majority of my money and free time.”

Sadly, when I went to Google for a quotable definition I was terribly disappointed with the results. Although there were some that were certainly usable, they all seemed lacking in one way or another. And then it hit me – why rely on random searching when I have access to an entire community of individuals who are as (if not more) enamored with, and conversant in gaming as I am? 

Thus, I am hoping that you – the Bitmob community – can help me to give the Video Game the definition it deserves! Aside from saving my ass, I figure it will also be a fun exercise for community members as well. All I ask is that you please try and keep your definitions concise.

Thanks (in advance) for your help!