StatusNet, a microblogging service with similarities to Twitter but designed for businesses, today announced it secured a second round of funding for $1.4 million. The funding will be used to support and grow its sales team and continue targeting the world’s 1,000 largest businesses, it said in an announcement.

The company targets businesses looking for a service that will enable internal communications and collaboration, unlike more public-facing services, like Twitter. (StatusNet’s service can be used publicly, too.)

StatusNet is accessible in two ways, including a Web-hosted version and a downloadable version. While the Web-hosted version enables a company to start posting updates quickly, the downloadable version offers more control and customization, according to StatusNet.

As Twitter continues to grow in usage, a recent survey shows social networks dominating Americans time spent online, it isn’t suprising a company might want to keep control of their communications through an in-house microblogging service for employees or customers. Other companies also have had the idea to provide businesses with a communication and collaboration tool similar to Twitter, including JaikuEngine, an open-source project; Six Apart’s TypePad Motion; and Yammer, which recently closed a round of funding for $10 million.

StatusNet, a Montreal-based company founded in 2008, has secured $2.3 million in funding to date. The round was led by FirstMark Capital and included Boldstart Ventures, iNovia Capital and Montreal Start Up.

Scott Switzer, Founder of OpenX, angel investor and FirstMark Capital venture partner, will join the StatusNet board.