In a realm full of competitive shooters such as halo and call of duty, gears of war was set to be the next hit multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, it just didn’t measure up. If you could manage to get a match, you would probably lag out after experiencing severe glitches.

            Now after six title updates, I think Epic has finally nailed it. They have introduced a social playlist with many improvements, including streamlined playlists, bots for drop in/out players and minimal lag. They have also but the price of all map packs in half, which I think is great for people who want to get back into gears multiplayer for a lower price.

            They have also been supporting the game especially on twitter, giving out codes for the map packs. They have also been holding xp events for gaming events. They have promised even more xp events before the release of gears 3.

            I am really glad I have been able to go back to a forgotten game and get some new life out of it. It is a great way to get people excited for gears, and is something we don’t see much in games anymore. So break out the copy of gears 2, it’s a whole lot of fun. See you online.

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