Back on Thursday GENCON which happens in Indy each year started. Many might not know is that a video game was show off. Should one care anytime a video game is announced? Maybe, but honestly it is one that I think is under the radar. So lets take a look at a few pictures and maybe talk about them and what is in them. 


WhiteMoon Dreams is behind the making of this game. They have serious talent at the studio and it pays off. So lets talk about the pictures that have been released. Please note this game is based off the Privateer Press tabletop game WarMachine.

The first thing I notice in this picture is the scale of what appears to be a WarJack. Steampunk for me hasn't looked this good in awhile. If you notice above the head it has a logo that depicts this is from the Cygnar faction. Could go into more detail, but then again these are just my thoughts.

 Here we see Commander Stryker  with two WarJacks behind him. If you didn't know about the tabletop game you can control the WarJacks with Commander Stryker or anyone else who is a WarCaster. 


A demo was show at GenCon, but I wasn't there. There are a few more pictures on there forums as well. So what do you all think of a tabletop game turned into a video game and what do you think of the pictures so far?