Super Macho Man has been an albatross across my neck for 23 years. On Thursday August 5, 2010 at approximately 8:23 PM EST I beat Super Macho Man. I immediately went on to get dropped by Mike Tyson in under a minute. I did not see the credits. I do not care. Super Macho Man has been hovering in my conscious and unconscious mind, unconquered, for 23 years.

I must first admit that I swallowed my pride when deciding to confront Super Macho Man. I used a code to immediately face him as opposed to my usual, less efficient method which was to start at Glass Joe and beat each successive opponent until I reached Super Macho Man. When I was inevitably TKO'd I would reset and begin at Joe all over again. I skipped all the filler this time and focused on my goal: I must defeat Super Macho Man. I was almost disappointed when it only took me around 20 minutes of determined effort to beat him. With a fair amount of restarts to get the timing of his Super Whirlwind Punch, which was what had stumped and stopped me for so many years because of my fool determination to duck rather than dodge his rotations, as it would look so much cooler, I knocked him on his back for the third time near the end of the second round.

And there was much rejoicing.

Now that I have beaten Macho I'm hoping that he was some sort of mental log jam. With him vanquished I hope to now go forward and actually play through the multitudinous amount of games in my backlog, as hopless as that is in reality. Such are the dangers of moving from enthusiast to outright collector. Even so, that night I slept more contentedly than I have in a long time, and knew nothing the next day could trouble me.