Broadcasting live over this weekend, WoW4CURE's five-man crew of friends, brothers, science grads, and gamers are playing a World of Warcraft marathon to raise money for CURE, an organization dedicated to conquering child cancer. I, for one, fondly remember those sleepless nights up trying to collect Sand Pears in Bloodmyst Isle while operating only on hot dog buns and Diet Coke. So this should be fairly entertaining to witness. And remember, the more donations, the longer they'll have to stay up to play. So tap into your inner gamer sadist and donate some money!

Throughout the whole event, the guys will also be holding contests and giveaways, singing crappy pop songs in unison, and granting their very adorable dogs (featuring Muffins the Pomeranian) some quality screen time.

Great guys (with great dogs) playing a great game for a great cause deserve great support!

Head over to WOW4CURE's website to check out all of their shennanigans and chip in.