Ciespace, developer of three-dimensional digital modeling software, announced today it has secured a $4 million first round of funding. It plans to use the new money to continue software development and kickstart marketing and sales operations, according to the announcement.

The company’s core product is 3-D digital modeling software called BubbleMesh. The “mesh” refers to a step in the design and testing of many manufactured products. BubbleMesh automatically generates “meshes” for complex product designs, such as consumer electronics, medical devices and even automobile crash simulations. The product helps to save time in the design process by creating meshes automatically.

The company also announced that its founder and CEO, Dr. Kenji Shimada, will be replaced by Kevin Kerns, a consultant and entrepreneur-in-residence at ARCH Venture Partners — the lead investor in Ciespace’s recent round of funding, along with  the University of Tokyo-Edge Capital.

The Pittsburgh, Penn.-based company claims to have 50 customers using its BubbleMesh technology, including Honda R&D, IBM, NASA, and Toray Industries.