A new startup call Bizzy hopes to connect businesses and customers through deals and offers. Today it launched a feature to help San Franciscans find those deals.

Gadi Shamia, the company’s president, said Bizzy’s big idea is to separate deals and other customer interactions from email, pulling them into a more appropriate context. In other words, Shamia said it makes more sense to show customers deals when they’re at a site designed for that specific purpose, and where those deals come from their favorite businesses. Popular business review site Yelp is also experimenting with a daily deals feature, but Shamia noted that Yelp is built for a different purpose — it’s more about finding a business than building a lasting relationship.

Bizzy users can create a list of their favorite businesses, then view a stream of the latest deals and updates. They can also comment on updates, and even start one-on-one conversations with the business.

And the company’s new “What’s Happening?” feature, which launches today in San Francisco (it’s also available for Dallas and New York), tries to tackle another part of the relationship — finding new places to shop, eat, and so on. It’s pretty straightforward. Users click “What’s Happening?”, select their city, then get a list of nearby offers. You can also filter by business type. I’m not seeing a neighborhood filter yet, which would be very useful.

For example, I brought up the list for today, and the listings include new products at an antique store, free pet food at a pet store, and a grand opening sale at a clothing store. There were 66 listings total for today, and Shamia notes that they’re all added by the business themselves, not aggregated from elsewhere on the Web.

As for making money, Shamia said Bizzy will eventually add premium services for businesses. The Mountain View, Calif. startup was developed and funded by ReachLocal, an online ad company that recently went public.