Yes, the title says it all. Konami continues to disappoint me each and every day. As a fanboy of certain titles from certain companies. I keep in mind that my daily prayer won't come true. Maybe it is time to give up on my daily prayer and move on from it.


Konami makes some of the best games out there like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Dance Dance and a slew of other titles. I am not going to knock there talent except maybe the people who put that latest XBLA Castlevania game out. 

See why they disappoint me is they have forgotten about Mystical Ninja and how great it is. I mean the series is awesome an personally should be brought back as a PSN, XBLA or maybe even a disc based game. Now I might be selfish in wanting back the unique, quirky and randomness that this series brought. Where else could you could have a side kick fat guy who eats a lot? How about being a ninja where nothing makes sense. 

Personally I would love to hear from Konami or even interview them to know why Mystical Ninja is not in there IP line up. Yes, it is ever fanboy's wish to see her or his favorite IP continue to be made. I just think that time has pasted for me to even think that Konami would consider making one again, because of all the cash flow current IP's are making.

Anyone else want to see a new Mystical Ninja or do you think the IP should stay away?