Fujifilm is introducing a 3D digital camera today that can record high-definition 3D movies.

The Japanese company says the camera is a new addition in its line of FinePix REAL 3D cameras. Known as the FinePix Real 3D W3 digital camera, the device can capture stereoscopic 3D images in high resolutions. It can also capture 3D movies at 720p resolution, which is considered HD video. The camera has a new Real Photo Processor.

The camera has a mini HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) that lets you play back the images or video on a 3D TV set. You can also play the images back on the camera’s 3.5-inch liquid crystal display. Go Miyazaki, president of the Fujifilm division in the U.S. that is shipping the camera, said the company is committed to the evolution of imaging technology and that the camera is a necessary part of the food chain that consumers will adopt as TV shifts to 3D.

Some of us are not so sure that shift is going to happen soon. But big companies such as Fujifilm, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are committed to making sure that we all love 3D. So they will pack their new products with more and more 3D capability, and eventually we’ll all enjoy it because it comes along at no extra cost. Fujifilm can create stereoscopic 3D images with this camera because it has packed two 10-megapixel charge-coupled device sensors into the camera. The synchronized control of the twin sensors releases the left and right shutters at the same time, creating a synchronized 3D image. The Real Photo Processor merges the images into a single 3Dimage. The camera ships in September for $499.95.