michael cerdaThreadbox, a startup that helped users organize their communication, announced today that it has finished a deal with MySpace, whereby MySpace will acquire some of its technology and hire some of its team.

We broke the news in July that talks were underway between MySpace and Threadbox. The Threadbox service shut down in early August, and cofounder and chief executive Michael Cerda (pictured) just published a blog post talking about the deal and apologizing to users for not explaining the shutdown earlier. He wrote:

Now that the transaction is complete, I can talk more openly. We sold certain Threadbox assets to MySpace and key members of the Threadbox team moved over to MySpace and are now excited to be part of that team. … We plan to apply our technology there in a variety of ways! Those of you that were using Threadbox socially may even find what we are building at Myspace interesting!

Via email, Cerda told me that he’s now Vice President of Product — Communications at MySpace.

Threadbox launched in March 2009 (at the DEMO conference co-produced by VentureBeat) as an email assistant called Cc:Betty. Then it relaunched as a less email-centric product under the new name earlier this year. Cerda has pitched the product as a better version of Google Wave — it’s a place to hold real-time conversations that can be searched and where you can drill down on specific types of content.

The company raised $2 million in funding from Venrock and others.