Back in June, we covered the Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup Libox, which aims to let you play your media on any device, and easily share media with friends. Now Libox has released a free iPhone app, and after playing around with it for a few hours, it’s clear that the company has created something that practically every iPhone owner would find invaluable.

The company already has a very capable mobile web version of its service available (accessible by heading to on your smartphone), but its new iPhone app offers an even more refined user experience. Menus are more responsive, media loads faster, and the app also allows you to add media directly from your iPhone to your Libox library (making it accessible on any computer that can access the web, and other mobile devices).

I used the app to play music and video on both Wi-Fi and 3G connections, and for the most part it performed flawlessly. Load and overall response was certainly faster on Wi-Fi, but I was surprised at how well the app functioned over 3G — especially considering the erratic AT&T data speeds near my apartment. Compared to the mobile web version, media loaded much more quickly, and the app also has the advantage of being iOS 4-ready — meaning that you can multitask while playing your media, something you can’t do at all with the web version.

The app works well enough that it’s now my go-to choice for streaming media from my desktop — which has over 80-gigabytes of music, and hundreds of gigabytes of video. The company is planning on releasing iPad and Android apps next.

Libox was founded by entrepreneur and engineer Erez Pilosof, who previously founded Walla!, Israel’s largest web portal. Oren Nauman, formerly CEO of Mobival, serves as Libox’s deputy CEO. Thus far, the company has received over $2 million in seed funding by Israeli firms Evergreen Venture Partners and Rhodium.