Popular social network MySpace today announced it has decided to give its profiles a face lift with a more simplistic format. The change comes as a result of user feedback that cited troubles navigating profiles and finding content, said a company spokesperson.

The main difference appears to be a universal format across all content tabs, including photos, playlists, stream, friends and comments. These tabs are nicely lined up vertically on the left side of profiles, which definitely makes it easier to navigate than the previous set up made up of individual boxes. The top navigation bar, made up of tabs to games, video and music, appears to be the same, though a “More” tab (similar to Facebook) has been added to reduce a long line of choices (see image below).

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the new setup reminds me a lot of Facebook, which might be a smart move by MySpace. Perhaps mirroring the most popular social network will give its users the simplicity they may be looking for with the customization that Facebook doesn’t allow. As part of the new look, MySpace has also upgraded its theme gallery, providing choices such as celebrities, landscapes and movies. For adventurous users, there’s the option to start from scratch.

The new format might also have something to do with MySpace’s recent purchase of some technology and employees of Threadbox, a startup that helped users organize their communication.