Microsoft is clearly not above the complaints of gamers, as it unveiled a new controller for its XBox 360 that does away with the oft-maligned “disc” directional pad.

The new controller sports a method of changing the traditional disk-like directional pad into a typical cross-type pad that the Wii and Playstation 3 controllers use.

XBox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, known by his gamer tag Major Nelson, made the announcement this morning. The controller also sports gray buttons and a silver, matte sheen with its new directional pad tricks, bells and whistles. It will likely be more accurate than the previous directional pad, which was often the source of curses during fast-action games.

The controller goes on sale in November for $65 — only slightly above the cost of a typical video game. But oh, it is so shiny. If this item proves popular, it could be a stellar season for game accessories. Sony is launching its Move wand-like controller on Sept. 19 and Microsoft is launching its Kinect motion-sensing accessory in November.

[Photo: Major Nelson]