Sony, while mulling about in the shadow of Apple’s iPod and other reveals, announced its plan to launch a cloud-based music streaming service. The goal is to allow most Sony products to tap into the service and access Sony’s music library.

Sony is basically looking to compete with Apple’s iTunes platform through a different venue. iTunes has long focused on its devices and physical media — using CDs and owning actual, physical copies of songs — while Sony is attempting to bring its service to all its capable devices, including the workhorse jack-of-all-trades Playstation 3.

The service is called Qriocity — which may sound familiar, as it already exists as a video-on-demand service.

This isn’t Sony’s first foray into a music service — Apple and Sony already have some history competing for music sales over the Internet. Apple previously beat down on Sony’s Connect music service, which went dark in 2008.

Sony made the announcement at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. The service will reportedly pop up in Europe first, though no details on pricing or an exact release date have emerged yet.

[Photo: teresawer]