Limited Editions can be referred to by many names, Legendary, Prestige, and Collectors among others. Sometimes they are sold as pre-order bonuses like in the case of Red Dead Redemption. I like to refer to them as the “Dumb Ass Edition.” My problem with LE’s is that often they aren’t limited at all. A quick search of Amazon shows the Legendary Edition of Halo 3 listed new for $63.85 and the Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition selling new on the Xbox 360 for $122.99 down from $149.99 weren’t these supposed to be LIMITED so the purchase could feel like he is collecting something that you can’t get all the time.

Prestige Edition

My problem with these LE’s doesn’t end there. Often times the bonus item that is included in the LE isn’t even worth the price increase. The Prestige Edition of MW 2 includes “working night vision goggles!” However they fail to mention that these are just a pair of $50 EyeClops that retail for $50. So for the $80 premium over the Hardened Edition of the same game you are getting a $50 toy. Often times the item included in the LE doesn’t live up to the expectations. Who wasn’t disappointed when you found out that the Batarang included in the Collectors Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum was bolted onto a display stand and that you couldn’t remove it to throw around while living out your Batman fantasies.

Arkham Asylum Collectors

If the publisher’s really want to make LE’s worth it include items that are worth owning. I don’t need more items clogging my shelf collecting dust. Art books, DVD’s with behind the scene’s features, animated movies, exclusive content in-game (don’t release it to everyone later!”) Those are worth owning. I would much rather have a attractive hard cover art book than a toy bolted to a stand. 

I am writing this because a new Halo, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor is upon us. All with LE’s at a price premium. Do you really need the LE? Would you purchase knowing that it would still be available and at a cheaper price later? I for one wouldn't. I still cringe a little every time I go to a videogame store and see a new Halo 3 LE for $60. So to the publishers please keep a limit on Limited Editions, don’t insult us by hyping a Limited Edition or individually numbering it only to continue selling them long after the games release.

-Bootleg Gamer