Palm PDKThe Plug-In Development Kit (PDK) is a new component of the webOS SDK that lets developers use C and C++ alongside the web technologies that power the SDK and even mix them seamlessly within a single application. The PDK brings new functionality to webOS, including immersive 3D graphics, and gives developers who have built games for other platforms an easy way to bring their titles to the webOS platform.

The webOS PDK takes its name from the way that C/C++ components integrate into webOS applications. The webOS platform is built on standard web technologies, with an application environment built on the WebKit browser engine. Components built with the PDK plug-in to webOS apps using the same mechanism that supports desktop browser plug-ins.

Palm has created the webOS Plug-in Development Kit with the following objectives:

  • Easy porting of C/C++ applications to webOS, especially games that use SDL or OpenGL ES (1.1 or 2.0) for 3D graphics
  • Easy integration of C/C++ components to enhance the capabilities of webOS applications

The PDK includes its own tools to support development and debugging of plug-ins for webOS applications, and (like the webOS SDK) enables development on the Windows and Mac platforms. In the near future, support for PDK development on Linux platforms will also be available.

Currently, to be distributed, an app must be developed either entirely within the PDK, or entirely within the SDK. While apps combining C/C++ and HTML/JavaScript/CSS can be developed, distribution is not allowed at this time. A webOS update will be required to allow distribution of these apps.

Besides running applications directly on the Palm device itself, developers have the option to use the PDK’s Desktop Environment for testing applications on their host PC.  Click here for more information.

Palm PDK