When the GE Ecomagination Challenge was presented, hundreds of eco-conscious, forward-thinking individuals and groups from all over the world stepped up to answer the question: How can modern grid technologies address global warming and make a significant impact on society? Ranging from using artificial intelligence to improve grid efficiency to a new social network that promotes household energy efficiency, the ideas shared have been both intriguing and interesting.

Here are two recently rated among the most popular submissions thus far:

* Create artificial energy generators: Replicate a controlled tornado to generate electricity through a time energy storage device that will serve as each city’s own power plant.

* Build solar roadways: Retrofit roads and parking lots with structurally engineered recyclable solar panels that can be driven upon in order to reduce greenhouse gases, create green jobs, and eliminate dependence on oil by allowing electric vehicles to recharge virtually anywhere.

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Don’t miss your opportunity to innovate, make an environmental impact, improve the way we create power, and reduce our collective carbon footprint. Visit the GE Ecomagination Challenge by September 30, 2010 to view all contest entries, get additional details, and enter your own big idea.